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Working Through Grief With Meditation

Working Through Grief With Meditation

Working through Grief With Meditation

We all have plenty of problems we have to overcome in life. Many people find it easy to cope with the problems presented in life, and many people find it hard to deal with negative/emotional things. Those that find it difficult to cope with find themselves being depressed. What emotion do you feel when you lose something of great importance? The answer is grief, and this powerful feeling is experienced by young and old alike. There is no one exempt from experiencing grief.

There are people who have limited experiences with grieving experiences, rather experienced or not it’s still best to approach grief with strong determination. Avoiding grief won’t make it disappear, sooner or later you have to face it no matter what. There are several outcomes for a person experiencing loss. Be mindful that one is exhaustion. Grief can consume all your energy, leaving you feeling drained. Therefore it’s so important to continue all of your daily health routines.

Grief is a part of life. No matter what experience you have with grief, what you feel is normal. When something or someone is lost, there is an empty feeling inside your heart. That empty feeling can lead to tears, anger, or just great sadness. Mourning is a natural part of grief, but not all people can get to or through this stage without some support. Never feel shame asking and/or seeking help. There is strength in being humble.

There are many people who hide from grief. They convince others that they’re alright , and that nothing is wrong by pushing their emotions away. This can greatly impact a persons emotional life, by harden that individual’s feelings.  So how do we work through grief? Daily meditation is just one of the many things you can do to cope with the problems life presents to us.

As I sated earlier, be sure to maintain a daily healthy routine. Ensuring you are eating nourishing meals regularly is one of those routines. Changes in eating habits is something that is typically associated with grief. Some people when they become sad/depressed they resort to eating an excessive amount of unhealthy food, or completely stop eating all together. Either way, you’re guaranteed to get sick because anything in excess or insufficient can make an individual ill.

Restlessness is natural for someone who is unhappy or grieving. They find themselves tossing and turning throughout the night because their mind is racing through so many thoughts. In order to gain and maintain strength, which is needed for any fight, you have to try with as much effort as you can to get rest. We all know how effective we are with lack of sleep, so its important to make time for self.

Do simple things that you usually do, like hanging out with friends, listening to music, outdoor activities, yard work or chores around the house can help take your mind off of things. Just think of anything that you simply enjoyed doing before the grieving experience. If the activity is a reminder of your grief, then try to create a new experience by doing something different.

Even with loss, you will continue to create meaningful experiences in your life.  As long as you don’t focus all of your energy and time into holding on to that loss. Grief is apart of life, but it is not life itself.  There is much more to life than grief, and you will see that once you get through it to the other side.  Always keep this in mind, and you will gradually accept the fact of life.

Meditation, yoga, and prayer in some form are considered some of the most effective ways to cope with grief.  These practices can make a significant difference in someone’s life.

How Does Meditation Help

Remember you have the power to make your own mind-set. Whether your experiencing grief or happiness it’s up to you.  Meditation helps you discover and embrace this power within you. You have the ability to control your environment, circle of friends, and attitude.

Just like how a computer absorbs data, your mind absorbs the energy around it. Grief and other negative experiences can have someone feeling as if they have no control over their mind.  Negative past experiences, being in an exceedingly negative environment, or being under the influence of unconstructive ideas can be like standing in emotional quicksand.

You’ve got to spot these negative emotions quickly, to avoid letting it spread within your mind. Just like a bug, if not taken care of you can pass this virus of negative thinking to people around you. As a result you’re spreading that negative energy around.

Think like a farmer who is maintaining their crops, negativity can grow like “weeds in an exceedingly field.” The energy in your mind is like a crop, and it’s up to you, whether it’s weeds or wheat that grow. What seeds will you plant in your garden?

You have a choice in the seeds you plant. The quality of your seeds come from within the type of books, movies, music, and information your bringing into your life.

Think of Meditation as reinforcements for your garden. It’s a resource like fertilizer to help your garden grow with the quality seeds you have planted. Meditation is controlled thought or task without judgment. Meditation allows you to see situations objectively. It can help you find solutions to life problems.  Through practice and time, it can assist in turning negative experiences like grief into positive life learning experiences. You can use meditation like a tool to build your own positive mindset. Through loss comes the appreciate for what remains. Meditation can help you see life differently. Remember change your mind you change your world. Meditation can help you not only with working through life’s problems, but reaching your goals as well.  Don’t give up, your stronger, smarter, and wiser than you think.

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