Stop Smoking With Meditation


Stop Smoking With Meditation

Is it true that meditation can assist you with quitting smoking? Has it ever crossed your mind that we could possibly do something that easy to help with stopping smoking? Hopefully researching, practicing meditation, and reading this article will show you that anything is possible. Use this articles and other information you discover regarding smoking.

For a very long time Meditation has been considered one of the only few ways a person could find/access their true self.  Meditation helps relieve the strain of lifestyle and environment. It helps the person rejuvenate their mind to function more effectively. Many have associated some of the benefits of meditation as a cure to some diseases and disorders. A lot of the diseases and disorders meditation is said to eliminate are created by stresses.

Many smokers say they smoke more once they are stressed. Which this can lead to chain smoking when under stress. The one thing about stress is you mind becomes weak from it. This can result in the deterioration of the body. So for someone who is consistently stressing, you can see how taking a few minutes a day to practice meditation can benefit from the calm it brings into one’s lifestyle.

How Does Meditation Help

Many smokers associate the calm they feel once they finish smoking to smoking itself. However, once they successful practice meditation they will feel that same sense of calm. What they overlook is how both involve the action of focused breathing. Deep inhalation and exhalation are involved in both smoking and meditating. People practice meditation so that they can focus and quiet their mind. Meditation is used for personal development, to attain peace of mind, and to improve your overall well-being. With Meditation you can bring the sense of calm into your life, and maintain the strength needed to avoid the temptations of returning to smoking.

The goal is to replace the mindset of needing to smoke to calm yourself and reduce stress. The time needed to take a smoke break, can now be taken for meditation. One increases healthiness in mind, body, and spirit. Whereas the other has the opposite effect.

How It Can Improve The Quality of Life

We already know that the price of smoking is incredibly expensive. once you smoke over one pack every day, the value that you just are spending is extremely high. Depending on how strong the addiction is, you can see how within a years time someone can spend almost half their earnings on smoking. Think of the improvement in the quality of life for that person if the money they spent on smoking was applied to their lifestyle. So quitting can and will not only benefit your healthy well-being but your financial well-being as well.

It’s said smoking is one of the toughest habits to quit. Meditation is just one of many alternative ways to assist in quitting. Rather using meditation or any of the other alternative ways you find during your research, know that you are strong enough to over come this addiction. You just have to have the will power to put your all into it. Meditation can help you get your mind into the right place to overcome the obstacles in your life. Always be patient and forgiving to yourself when attempting to quit a habit. Breaking a habit is very stressful and depending on the level of the addiction not everyone succeeds on their first try.  But don’t give up, its ok to start over. Remember your on your own time, therefore you move at a pace that is comfortable for you.

Don’t worry if meditation isn’t the way for you, there is more than one way to quit. Contact your local doctor or continue to research it online. No matter what don’t give up, you will find the path that best fits your journey to freedom from this addiction.

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