Energy Meditation


Energy Meditation

There are many spiritual meditations practice throughout the world. Energy meditation is simply just one forms of those meditations. This form focuses on how everything is created from energy. Whether meditating by yourself or guided meditation with a class, it’s said that this way of meditation is liberating to the mind, body, and soul. When you think energy, also think frequencies and vibrations. Energy meditation is about increasing your energy levels and/or frequency/vibes.

The benefits of energy meditation transcend what we are able to do for ourselves emotionally and physically in way of life. This type of meditation can be used to develop self-awareness, and self control. All forms of meditation assist in giving us a better understanding of ourselves, as well as the people and objects around us. It helps us create a balance in our lives that allows us to appreciate all experiences in life.

One of the physical rewards is lowering your stress. Focusing on breathe is a part of meditating. With energy meditation your force per unit area will drop, allowing your pulse rate to decrease.  This is why anger management courses always teach breathing techniques. To calm your mind and body, meditation can be liberating in many ways.

How To Start Energy Meditation

Before starting, allow yourself to feel compassion for everybody and everything around you. This includes both living beings and non-living things.

Speak positivity into your space. You can say things like “may all creatures find happiness on earth.” Show gratitude for all that you have in your life. Creating positive thoughts will put your mind at ease and help the meditation process flow smoothly. Once you’ve got your mind at rest, focus your attention on everything around you.

Think of people, objects, and animals as energy. Every physical structure on earth should be thought of as styles of energy. Think Albert Einstein’s E = mc2. Picture all of those things turning into energy and creating an energy field around you.

Start from the outer area of your body, your skin. Close your eyes and control your breathing, then start becoming aware of how your skin feels. You can start from your toes and work your way up to the top of your head. Once your outer energy field has been established, you can then start to concentrate on your body within. Picture your body as energy (your skin, your organs, everything)., then visualize the connection with the objects around you.

Once you’ve achieved a balance between yourself and your environment, stay in your meditative state for about twenty or thirty minutes. Before stopping energy meditation, let your mind transform yourself and your environment into physical form.

Continue to research energy meditation, to find ways of improving your quality of life and the quality of life for everything around you. Everything is energy, it just moves at a different frequency. As you practice energy meditation be mindful of your energy and the energy of everything around you. Every energy has the ability to influence the energies around it. Therefore, we start energy meditation on a positive frequency. If you find yourself in a negative environment/frequency remove yourself as quickly as you can.

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