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Improving Your Personal Life with Yoga

Improving Your Personal Life with Yoga


Improving Your Personal Life with Yoga

Let’s not look at Yoga as just an exercise, it’s a practice and can be used as a way of life. The intentions for Yoga is to redirect your body, so that it all comes together as one. Yoga works the mind and body together to bring balance that helps to improve the quality of your personal overall life.

The world wasn’t created for you to face it alone. Everyone needs a little help every now and then to bring balance into their lives. Assistance aligning our body and thoughts. The practice of yoga can create that balance for us. Yoga teaches meditation, relieves stress, strengthens the physical body, mind, and is liberating. Practicing yoga will also increase your energy level.

Improvements From Practicing

For people with allergies; who are very familiar with runny noses and watery eyes, yoga can help.  Or people who catch colds at the first signs of the seasons changing, yoga can help. With its slow breathing and posture, Yoga can strengthen and balance the immune system. Relaxing the nervous system can also help with the fight against viruses.

Insomnia an issue? Or maybe going to sleep isn’t the issue but staying asleep is. Before crawling into bed, try laying on the bed or floor. This would be a good time to try practicing meditation to relax. As you are laying on your back, keep your palms up.  With your eyes closed and the inhalation and exhalation of breathe even you can start to relax your body. Visualize scanning yourself from head to toe with relaxation. Start with the head, neck, and slowly work down until you reach your feet.  As you stop on each area, focus on the relaxation your body feels in that area when you exhale. Practice as often as possible, the goal is for your mind and body to relax itself to sleep. It might also be helpful to incorporate soft music (without words to eliminate distractions) and aromatherapy with fragrances like lavender.  You maybe wondering how is this yoga? Remember yoga is about aligning mind and body, this practice is about easing the mind so that your body can rest and rejuvenate with sleep.

What is body and mind without heart and brain? Yoga has been knowing to help strength both the heart and brain. Through any form of exercise the heart becomes stronger, and practicing yoga can also stimulate the brain. Because of this it has been said to help those who suffer from epilepsy. There have been study’s where people practicing have said yoga has decreased the amount of seizures they were experiencing. Yoga has also been said to help those emotionally and mentally by relaxing their minds and allowing them to think more clearly.

Age Requirement

All ages, from babies to the young at heart. There is no age restrictions to yoga. You just have to have the desire for change.  The children can practice by standing beside you and following your movements. Strengthening and relaxing along with the meditating is good for everyone. The more you practice the more it becomes natural to you.

What Do You Need to Start

Keep it simple, there is no need to go out and buy all new clothes and equipment just to practice yoga. Comfortable loose-fitting clothing like sweats, and a soft/thick towel or blanket will work just fine. You want to be able to move without restrictions and to be comfortable transitioning between positions. After you get into the habit of practicing you can start investing in yourself with new workout clothes and a yoga mat. If you are doing at your local gym, most will have one for you to use.

If standing for an extended period of time is difficult, yoga can also be done in a chair. So standing or sitting, you can become the person you’ve always wanted to be.  Use yoga daily to strengthen your mind and body so that you can achieve your goals in life.

Don’t allow life to make excuses for you, it doesn’t cost money or a lot of time to start.  As I stated earlier all you need is a towel and comfortable clothing. As far as timing just a few mins of day is a great start. If your in the office, don’t let that stop you. You can practice sitting at your desk. Not enough space in your home? Go to the, you can meditate and/or do yoga anywhere.

Yoga in your office chair can be as simple as, twisting your body from side to side, then rotate your head side to side and front to back. Stretch your arms above your head. While doing these movements in your chair, relax by shutting your eyes and let all thoughts come in and go out along with your breath.

Take your time when your starting Yoga, remember keep your movements slow and easy. Always be patient with yourself when your embarking on a new journey. Don’t try to accomplish all the poses in yoga at once, start out with the basic poses and work your way up. Don’t force yourself into difficult postures right at the start. You can do more damage than good by forcing your body to do more than it says it can do. Yoga is about progress not pain, no one benefits if you get hurt. Don’t get discouraged if you don’t notice a difference right away, remember everything happens in the time in which it’s meant to. It will come, just stick to it.

Now that you have a general idea on how yoga can improve your quality of life, all there is left to do is start. There is a lot of content out there to walk you through how to physically start doing yoga. This article just lays out some of the ways in which someone will want to implement the practice of yoga into their lives. There is an infinite amount of possibilities of what you can achieve when your mind, body, and spirit is aligned. Good luck on your journey to self-improvement.

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