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8 Minutes That Can Change Forever

8 Minutes That Can Change Forever
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8 Minutes That Can Change Forever

What exactly is meditation?

It seems that so many people nowadays are hooked up with this form of activity. When meditation is looked up in webster we often see it ‘s used to describe a person’s state of intense attention on an object of awareness or thought. The individual focuses on turning his or her attention inward. Meditation is usually practiced in the eastern religions, but now even the western culture is becoming more involved in embracing this form of activity. People want to practice meditation so that they can focus and quiet their mind. Meditation is used for personal development, to attain peace of mind, and to improve your overall well-being.

Many westerners are now involved in some form of meditation, and they want to begin meditation but have no idea where to start. There was a book published last November 2005 authored by Victor Davich that is all about the 8 minute meditation. If you purchase the book and study it carefully, you will learn a lot of things about meditation, and you can do it in just 8 minutes. There is an E-book on the store page called “The ExtraOrdinary Power of Meditation” that also breaks down the many benefits and forms of meditation you can incorporate into your day to day lives.

Almost every individual who starts with anything new to him/her will often have lingering questions, hopes, and doubts about it. There are even people with hopes of becoming enlightened as soon as they begin to meditation. Or perhaps you’re one of those individuals who utilize meditation just like an exercise or diet that you’ve been trying to do for the past few months. These things are normal; the first step into something new can sometimes be difficult, but don’t give up.

The best thing to do is to face all negative expectations, and after doing so, forget about them and start with a clean slate. If you want to try the 8-minute program of meditation, you should learn how to approach it one minute at a time. It’s no different from facing any new obstacle in your life. The first step is scary, but if you just take that first step and focus on one step at a time. You will soon be reaching the first step of the next new path on your journey. Just remember that every new path is a clean slate.

Think twice if you think that meditation is a simple practice. You might not notice it, but your mind is always racing from here to there. For most people it’s hard to concentrate. Many books will tell you the very first step to meditation is to watch your breath. Focus on your inhalation and exhalation and remember to breathe deeply. Remember never give up and keep on practicing, you can improve the quality of life within meditation.

If you catch your mind straying off, and find yourself thinking about other things, focus again on your breathing. Acknowledge your thought for what it is, a temptation of distraction, move on from it. Do not get carried away or caught up within the thought. Visually remove the thought from your space as you would a fly or a gnat. As soon as you find yourself drifting, breathe. Go back to the first step and focus on your inhalation and exhalation. Breathe deep. Remember, meditation is all about concentrating. f you realize that you’re not on the right track, you can always return to that state of mind gently. Don’t get discouraged easily and just keep on practicing. Remember the saying practice makes perfect; always keep that in mind.

Meditation can help you in achieving peace of mind. With all your problems at work, in your family, and the entire world, you should at least experience a few minutes of peace. It doesn’t cost you anything to start, and only a few minutes a day to change your life forever.  Don’t miss this chance to attain personal development and growth.

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