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INTIMACY (Into-Me-I-See)

Intimacy is about closeness. Society will have us believe that intimacy is something that can only be shared physically, romantically, or passionately. But it can be any emotional, interactive, or personal relationship shared between family, friends, associates, and especially yourself. There are so many different degrees of intimacy, the depths of which are infinite. This is because the desire to love and belong are essential to the human experience.

No matter how independent you are, at some level you appreciate the energy from being loved and cared for. No matter how much of a lone wolf you are , at some level you appreciate the energy from belong to something bigger than you. The need for love, compassion, and interaction is a natural desire. Love and belonging are a part of being human, its not an energy you can ever escape.

Deep down we all want someone who:

  • Knows we are far from perfect, but loves us anyway
  • Embraces us during our fails just as willingly as they celebrate our wins
  • Knows the true us, so they can see the beauty within each of our scars
  • Will ride for any errand or a night to remember. All they require is access to the playlist, or the aux cord.
  • Down for anything… rather mischievous or innocent. Quick bite to eat, or an all-nighter, they are down for the cause. This person is your +plus one whenever you need one.
  • Bring balance because they give what they take.
  • Is patient with us, even when we aren’t patient with ourselves.

It starts with I-ntimacy. Intimacy with self allows you to:

[Note:] When you read or say “myself” or “yourself”. Read it as My-Self or Your-Self , know that self is who you truly are. Self is separate from thought.

  • Look in the mirror and love the imperfections you see
  • You are the first one there for everyone one of your fails, as well as every one of your wins
  • You were there before the scars, the moment the scars were created, & as the scars remain; That’s why you know the beauty within the victory of each battle you overcame…with just a scar
  • You’re the one who gets things done just the way you want it and knows how to treat yourself to something nice through expressing love of self.
  • You know exactly what you feel for, what kind of vibe your having, and what your in the mood for. Your always down for what you want to do, & sometimes you don’t need anyone but self.
  • Listen to yourself in order to find balance within self.
  • Be patient with yourself while you work on strengthen the courage needed to listen to self.

There is no compromise in Intimacy, because Into Me I see the ability to see, feel, and express all of the above.

Remember intimacy is closeness and no one can get closer to the true you, except you. Once that intimacy is established with self, your soul will guide a soulmate. Then this level of intimacy will be created with soulmates. Don’t allow society’s definition of “soulmates” to limit you to only creating this level of intimacy within romantic connections. A soulmate is a connection of souls. It would be an injustice to the human experience to only think one connection can give you this level of intimacy.

Your soul can make a connection with a parent, sibling, friend(s), close friend(s), best friend, or life partner. Intimacy can thrive within any of these connections. When the timing is right, these connections will be presented to you, so don’t stress if you haven’t found your soul tribe yet. Because if your not ready for that type of connection, it will evade you until you are. The balance the connection you desire, they desire. So you have to be at a place in your life where you have the capacity to either match their energy, or give them the energy they deserve. You don’t ever have to give more than what you can give, but if you want that level of intimacy, giving them the energy they deserve will create balance. This also applies to maintaining the intimacy within a soultribe.

Will the soulmate connection be perfect?

No. That’s what makes the intimacy between soultribes beautiful. It’s impossible to find a perfect reflection of you, so don’t disregard someone because they aren’t an exact match to your likes and dislikes. The difference in each other is how you push each other to grow, so embrace your differences. You don’t know the scars during their life experiences to get their perspective. Also, your constantly changing, you aren’t the same you from 5 years ago. Every day you live you evolve, and the world around you changes. So look for strong connections, not perfect connections.

Important: Not every soulmate is meant to go on the entire journey with you. Some serve a specific purpose, for a specific path. Don’t fight to keep something that isn’t meant for you. There are more connections than one that is waiting out there for you. If the connection is strong, no difference in point of view, or separation will change that connection.

Establish Healthy Boundaries To Start The Cycle Of Intimacy

Take this downtime to get to know yourself, start establishing healthy boundaries that support and protect your physical and emotional well-being. With healthy boundaries you will create a bond with the you within. You will respect the words you speak, respect the decisions you make, even if that decision led you to failure. Because you respect the lesson learned from each fall. With these boundaries you’ve created for self comes love and respect, for you and the things around you. And as that love and respect grows within, others can see and feel it. This gives them permission to return that love and respect.

That’s the amazing cycle of Intimacy; It begins when you start to:

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