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The ExtraOrdinary Power of Meditation


Within these pages are keys to daily practices that can improve your overall personal well-being.

These 20 pages contain:

– 16 Meditation Practices Associated to:
– 14 Physical Benefits
– 24 Mental Benefits
– 12 Meditation Exercises

This book briefly provides traditional and modern meditative techniques that can be used daily.




This 20 page eBook was compiled to assist you in finding ways to see more within, both physically and mentally.  There is no better time than now, to start investing in yourself. For less than $4, you can purchase this book with over 20 practices and exercises towards improving your overall well-being.

The goal is for you to take what you’ve gained from the practices and apply it to your life. As well as pass that knowledge on to improve the lives of those around you. May this book encourage and inspire intimacy with self.

What is Intimacy with self?

Intimacy begins with the courage to listen to yourself. The willingness to see, feel, express who you without compromise. Because INTIMACY = Into-Me-I-See


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