Women’s health resources roundup

Women’s health resources roundup


In this article:

  • Mother’s Day kicks off National Women’s Health Week.

  • The goal of Women’s Health Week is to encourage women and girls to make their health a priority and stay active.

  • We’ve compiled articles and resources to help you better understand how you can take care of your health.

Each year in May, Mother’s Day marks the beginning of National Women’s Health Week, a time for women to focus on their health and make taking care of themselves a priority.

That can be a tall order for women, who often wear many hats, like mother, wife, employee or employer, and caregiver. In fact, two out of every three caregivers in the United States are women, which means they provide daily or regular support to children, adults or people with a chronic illness or disability. That’s important to note because caregivers are at a greater risk for poor physical and mental health.

By making time for yourself, though, you can help prevent disease or detect problems early so they’re easier to treat. And it doesn’t matter where you are in life. There are steps women at every age can take to improve their health so they have a better quality of life.

For National Women’s Health Week, we’ve gathered articles that can help inform your health and wellness choices.

Recognizing heart disease

Did you know heart disease affects women differently than men? Many women aren’t aware that heart disease is the No. 1 killer of women because their symptoms are different than they are for men. Learn the differences and risk factors, and ways to prevent or reverse heart disease.

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Understanding holistic health

Holistic health accounts for all aspects of the self – from physical and social to mental, emotional, and spiritual. It’s an integration of conventional health treatments and wellness-focused approaches designed to treat the whole person. Understanding holistic health can help you improve your quality of life and better care for your mind, body and spirit. 

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Staying active as a mother

Taking care of yourself when you’re a mother of young children is hard. An American cross-country skier shares tips on how to make time for yourself, and how to get your kids involved in healthy activities.

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Managing metabolism as you age

Weight control as you age may seem harder because it is harder. The body needs fewer calories as it gets older, which can make maintaining a healthy weight more challenging. Learn why this happens and what you can do about it.

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Finding time for meditation

Practicing mindfulness and meditation can help your health because it teaches you to be fully present in the moment. It also heightens your awareness of your emotions and thoughts. All this leads to reduced stress.

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Making small changes

Focusing on your health doesn’t have to take much of your time. It can be as simple as talking a daily walk; eating a meal that highlights fruits, vegetables and whole grains; and talking to a friend or loved one.

It also can include regular checkups with your doctor and keeping up with recommended screenings.  

This National Women’s Health Week, make your health – and yourself – a priority.

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