Four Seasons Resort Maui Expands Next Health Wellness Treatments

Four Seasons Resort Maui Expands Next Health Wellness Treatments

As a global brand, Four Seasons Hotels & Resorts is adept at staying on top of the cultural zeitgeist, and if you really go to consider the company’s initiatives over time, especially those focused on the experiential, one might even say the brand is leading the luxury travel pack by forecasting what travelers will most desire at specific property locations. When the Hawaiian Islands could safely open back up to visitors, Four Seasons Resort Maui at Wailea quietly launched a partnership with Next Health, a health optimization and longevity center — first offering IV drips and vitamin shots — and that program has been so successful that it’s now expanding to include cutting-edge treatments like Ozone, Stem Cell, and Exosomes therapies, all available at the resort without even having to get in your car. It’s like mini med-spa in paradise. And it fulfills what might yet be an unspoken need among travelers, even those articulate about and practiced in self-care: to attend to our health at the next level with revolutionary wellness therapies that go far beyond the usual.

Four Seasons Resort Maui’s Senior Spa Director, Pat Makozak, says, “What makes the program stand out is that these high-level treatments can be accessed in the serene setting of a luxury resort. More than ever, our guests are seeking advanced results-driven treatments rooted in medical expertise. Our collaboration with Next Health allows us to continue to push forward as leaders in the wellness travel space.”

I was able to experience an IV Drip boosted by a Jet Lag Relief Pack, which contained extra hydration plus glutathione, an antioxidant that supports immunity, and NAD, which supports cellular energy. I can attest to the immediacy of the results, which set me on course to recover from the three-hour time difference quickly, effectively extending my trip because I didn’t have the downtime usually associated with travel to Hawai’i from the mainland West Coast. I actually slept until 6am the next day, which is my normal wake-up time in the Bay Area, as opposed to my usual 3am scramble for coffee on my first morning after arrival on the island.

And the Next Health staff were warm, welcoming, and informative about the process, from the ingredients in the IV to the benefits I might expect, in general. The IV process, administered in a cozy recliner, was simple and relaxing, taking under an hour, all told. Honestly, I felt like a new person, one who had commuted to Wailea from Upcountry Maui rather than SFO.

Phase two of the collaboration just launched with three very interesting, next-level options:

Ozone Therapy: Involving the separation and oxygenation of blood, this process encourages bio-rejuvenation, which may promote whole-body healing, creating feelings of revitalization and readiness to reach new heights.

Stem Cell Therapy: Stem cells are called the “conductors” of cell communication. According to research, they can help orchestrate and improve cell communication, optimizing the efficiency of a variety of bodily processes, which may improve overall vitality.

Exosomes Therapy: Exosomes are proteins that are considered “the brain” of stem cells. These powerful proteins are vital in cell communication, meaning they can help improve a variety of bodily functions. Optimized cell communication may produce feelings of rejuvenation and readiness to take on any challenge.

Next Health memberships are available for frequent travelers to Four Seasons Resort Maui and/or those living near Next Health branches in Los Angeles or New York. I highly recommend booking a service for the day you arrive, which will set you up for quick recovery from the dehydration and stress of flying. And I can’t wait to experience the newer treatments just rolled out.

The collaboration between Four Seasons Resort Maui and Next Health speaks to travelers’ deep desire to go beyond merely avoiding disease and maintaining optimal health as we explore the world.

Learn more about the offerings here, and book appointments by calling the Resort at (808) 874-8000.

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