UVM Health Network to close Yankee Medical


Despite significant progress toward sustainability, COVID-19 challenges led to decision; UVM Health Network to provide patient and customer support for alternatives

Vermont Business Magazine The University of Vermont Health Network announced today its intention to end operations at Burlington-based medical equipment supplier, Yankee Medical (Yankee), after the COVID-19 pandemic set back years of financial and operational progress toward sustainability. The supplier is set to close on June 2, 2022.

“Yankee Medical has played an important role in health care in our region for many years and we are proud of the progress we made toward making it a more sustainable organization,” said Charlie Miceli, Chief Supply Chain Officer for the UVM Health Network. “Unfortunately, setbacks caused by more than two years of the COVID-19 pandemic have led us to make a difficult decision. We are incredibly grateful to the staff members who have provided outstanding service to our community and will be working with Yankee patients to assist them in finding alternative DME providers.”

Yankee offers medical products including wheelchairs, prosthetic limbs, walkers and orthotics, otherwise known as durable medical equipment (DME), for sale and for rent to regional health care providers, and to patients for at-home use.

UVM Health Network acquired the business in 2017 in an attempt to preserve its role as a medical supplier to the region.

Over the last five years, the Network has made numerous investments and operational changes at Yankee to reverse its nearly $1 million deficit and make it a more sustainable DME provider. However, staffing challenges created by the COVID-19 pandemic, combined with the increased availability of alternative DME suppliers in the region, led to the difficult decision to close the business. Yankee currently employs eight people.

From today through June 2, Yankee will not be accepting new patients and will be working with existing patients to smoothly transition them to alternative DME suppliers. Existing Yankee patients should expect a letter from Yankee outlining next steps within the next few days. In addition, an information resource webpage has been created, which is accessible from both the Yankee and UVM Health Network websites.

For additional assistance, current patients may visit www.uvmhealth.org/dme-providers.

Individuals who need financial assistance in acquiring certain DME may contact UVM Health Network’s Health Assistance Program (HAP) at (802) 847-6984.

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3.2.2022. BURLINGTON, VT – The University of Vermont Health Network

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