Tarrant County Health Drops COVID-19 Spread to ‘Low’

Tarrant County Health Drops COVID-19 Spread to ‘Low’

The Tarrant County Public Health Department on Friday lowered the community spread level from moderate to low.

The threshold for determining a low spread level indicates new cases are below 200 (per 100,000 population in the last 7 days) and that the number of admissions per 100,000 people is below 10 and the percent of people hospitalized with COVID-19 is below 10%.

On Friday, the county added 86 new cases though 57 of those were collected more than 30 days ago. For the week ending Friday, March 25, the county added 679 new cases but 337 of those were from more than 30 days ago leaving 342 new, active cases for the week. That’s an average of 49 new cases per day.

Even with a low spread level, the public health department still recommends people get vaccinated against the virus and receive their booster, and follow CDC-recommended procedures for isolation and quarantine if exposed to COVID-19 or if positive for COVID-19.

North Texans should also still have a plan for rapid testing at home.

Those who are immunocompromised should continue to talk with their doctors about how to best mitigate their risk.

The city of Fort Worth announced Friday they would be ending city-run testing and vaccination sites on Monday due to decreased demand. The sites will be reopened if the demand increases.

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