Home Fitness Is The Mirror Still Worth The Hype? An Investigation

Is The Mirror Still Worth The Hype? An Investigation

Is The Mirror Still Worth The Hype? An Investigation


When Mirror splashed onto the scene, it did so in a big way. The product was highly covetable and felt like something that had never been done before. Now that there are more competitors in the high-tech home fitness space, it made me wonder if Mirror was still worth the $1,495-and-up price tag. The way I see it, if you (like me) can see Mirror replacing most of your other gym and/or fitness class expenses, then it may easily be worth the cost. Like other premium fitness brands, access to the app’s features are available via a monthly subscription – Mirror’s is $39 a month for unlimited access to library and live classes, with optional one-on-one trainer sessions available at $40 each and work via the Mirror’s built-in camera and microphone. In my months-long experience testing the Mirror, I was surprised at its practicality — in more ways than one. The space-saving element (especially when compared to investing in a bulkier piece of equipment, like a home bike) was not one that I anticipated as being a standout feature. Another element that I weighed heavily in my verdict is the, yes, totally unexpected value factor: Whereas I would pay anywhere from $20-$40 per class at boutique spin and aerial yoga studios in NYC, a flat monthly fee of $40 for unlimited classes is a steal for a quality in-home fitness experience. Obviously, there is a significant upfront investment in the Mirror itself, but even so, it’s something I ended up getting a lot of use out of and can therefore justify it if fitness is a big part of your lifestyle.


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