Cordelia’s Market holds community health walk for first day of spring

Cordelia’s Market holds community health walk for first day of spring

Organizers hope to make the three-mile walk in Mud Island an annual tradition on the first day of spring.

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — The first day of spring in Memphis was a great day to go outside and enjoy the great weather, and one Memphis health food market wanted to capitalize on the sunshine with the community. 

Cordelia’s Market held a three-mile-long “health walk” Sunday, inviting dozens of members of the community to celebrate the first day of spring by getting their steps in at Mud Island. 

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Cordelia’s said community health is a goal they believe in whole-heartedly. 

“We already pay a lot of attention to what we put in the food in house and how that’s going to contribute to health but we also have this great park with lots of greenspace and lots of opportunities to be outdoors,” said Natalie Shuh, marketing director for Cordelia’s Market. “With the spring coming, we just wanted to reiterate that health comes not just from what you eat but also what you do.”

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The walk began along Green Belt Park by the South Mud Island parking lot, and looped around the North Mud Island parking lot back to the start. 

Participants in the walk received a coupon for Cordelia’s Market.

The walk was a part of Cordelia’s “Eat Well to Live Well” program, which they said encourages neighbors to commit to long-term health goals in easy, sustainable ways. 

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