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5 Benefits of Mindfulness Communication with Kids

5 Benefits of Mindfulness Communication with Kids

As we enter the challenging world, meeting social, educational, and academic expectations have become the toughest tasks ever. With modernization, the environment for kids is not basic or easy anymore – they have pressure – pressure from teachers, parents, friends, relatives, and others. Most of us think that kids are not affected by problems, which their parents deal with, or they don’t have issues as severe as adults have, hence, most of the parents and teachers feel it’s not needed to have mindfulness pep talks with children.

If you think this way, you are mistaken!

They are affected because the brain isn’t fully matured and perceives negative vibes easily.  A report has said that any sort of disturbance near kids tends to deteriorate their mental abilities, put them in depression for long like adults, and it becomes difficult for them to manage – this is the reason why 70% of the depression cases declared that sufferers were not given healthy interventions in their early lives. Now see, how effective it could become if we communicate about mindfulness with our kids at their early ages. Their minds are receptive and can learn everything before experiencing things themselves.

So, what are the possible benefits of Mindfulness communication with the Kids?

Let’s dig!

1. It Will Improve Their Behavior

Mindfulness communication with kids will improve their behavior and their way of thinking. They will ponder before delivering any action and will try to differentiate between right and wrong. A kid’s brain is under development and tends to store all the essential information we teach them. If you teach them good values and ethical behavior not by just words but by your actions too, they will emulate and progress well.

2. They will correspond with one another in a better way

The aim of mindfulness communication is to respond to one another attentively, with compassion, and with no judgmental thoughts. When you involve your kids in mindfulness communication, they will apply the same techniques with their friends as well. With these listening skills, they will stop comparing, judging, cutting others’ sentences, and reading minds. This is rather an effective step during the developmental stages of the kids.

3. It will help them Manage anxiety and Stress

Mindfulness communication with kids is as efficient as anti-depressant medicines. In the early setting, when you pay attention to the kids’ matters and teach them right yet easy ways of dealing with anxiety by mentioning the consequences or by sharing your personal life’s experiences, they’ll learn how to behave under stress.

4. It helps Kids with Mood swings

Kids often disturb their mood when their parents don’t fulfill their wishes or they are unable to do. Having mindfulness communication can help them not to obsess over things but knowing the importance of feelings and they let them go.  This will keep them satisfied always.

5. They will get power to make a decision on their own

Mindfulness communication with kids also helps them in the identification of their goals and objectives. This further empowers them to reach the conclusion by making the appropriate decisions.  One of the studies suggests that mindfulness techniques also modify the stages of taking decisions for kids before they jump on conclusion.

We’ve listed a few but there are many benefits of having mindfulness communication with kids. It is truly an effective tool to teach your kid the right way of living from the very beginning. Just try it and witness the change!

By  Rabiya Tariq


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