Undergraduate Business Women’s Association to promote women’s health during wellness event

Undergraduate Business Women’s Association to promote women’s health during wellness event

The Undergraduate Business Women’s Association will hold a wellness event Thursday. Credit: Jessica Langer | Campus LTV Producer

The Undergraduate Business Women’s Association at Ohio State will hold “Women’s Wellness: Thriving Together” Thursday, open to all and promoting women’s health through dance, yoga and nutrition education.

The Undergraduate Business Women’s Association is a student organization aiming to create a supportive environment for women both in and out of the business world. The organization will hold the event at Curl Viewpoint from 5:45-8:30 p.m., according to the organization’s website

Brooke Harvey, a second-year in finance and statistics and finance director of the organization’s Women’s Month Committee, said the committee was created to plan events in March for Women’s History Month. She said she hopes Thursday’s event will encourage the women in attendance to apply what they learn to their lives outside of the group. 

“We hope they can feel more confident in their own ability to do wellness on their own and have their own activity routines outside of just one event,” Harvey said.

Harvey said the event will start with a session on how to keep the mind at rest, followed by a cardio dance activity designed to enhance well-being through adrenaline release. After this 45-minute session, the event will move on to a half-hour of yoga, according to the event’s RSVP page.

Victoria Holzwarth, a third-year in marketing and vice president of special events for the organization, said in planning the event, the group wanted to combine physical and nutritional wellness while creating a unique and comfortable group fitness experience.

“A lot of people might not use the group fitness classes at the gyms, so we wanted to give them the opportunity to do a group fitness-style class,” Holzwarth said. 

At 7:30 p.m., clinical nutritionist Jessi Kilbarger will give a presentation on how women can maintain healthy diets in college.

“How to eat well on a budget or if you’re still on campus, how to try to eat well using the dining hall, it’s an all-encompassing view of wellness, and we wanted to give our community a way to get all of those aspects,” Holzwarth said.

Students can register for the event up until it begins at 5:45 p.m. Thursday.

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