Smarter health: How AI is transforming health care

Smarter health: How AI is transforming health care

American health care is complex. Expensive. Hard to access.

Could artificial intelligence change that?

In the first episode in our series Smarter health, we explore the potential of AI in health care — from predicting patient risk, to diagnostics, to just helping physicians make better decisions.

Today, On Point: Considering whether AI’s potential can be realized in our complex, financially-motivated health care system.


Dr. Ziad Obermeyer, associate professor of health policy and management at the University of California, Berkeley School of Public Health. Emergency medicine physician. (@oziadias)

Also Featured

Richard Sharp, director of the biomedical ethics research program at the Mayo Clinic. (@MayoClinic)

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Got a question about how AI will impact how you receive health care? Or maybe you’re a scientist, doctor or patient with an AI story to share? Leave us a voicemail at 617-353-0683.  

This series is supported in part by Vertex, The Science of Possibility.

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