How One Eco-Minded Cannabis Company Aims To Transform CBD

How One Eco-Minded Cannabis Company Aims To Transform CBD

“That polarization leaves little room for other cannabinoids or more ritualistic consumption of the plant,” adds Tarditi. “We’re asking people to take their time smoking our joints, to meditate after taking a spoonful of our oil, to honor the plant the same way we honor our bodies.”

They work with a processor who sources from a handful of carefully selected hemp growers located across California and a laboratory for testing the final products. While there are many brands putting out high-quality CBD oil, very few have taken sustainable packaging as seriously as Intu.

About two months into operations, the founders looked into ways to minimize the amount of plastic going into each item. First they checked out a wooden dropper, which ended up containing more plastic inside. A tin screw cap wouldn’t work either, as it risked oxidizing the oil upon contact.

“Eventually we ditched the dropper entirely and decided to get people to return to the old-school way: taking the oil with a spoon, similar to the way syrups were sold and administered in the apothecary days,” Tarditi says.

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