CBD Weight Loss Stories and Reviews – The Southern Maryland Chronicle

CBD Weight Loss Stories and Reviews – The Southern Maryland Chronicle

CBD is making more headlines daily – it seems that everywhere you look, there’s a new story surfacing about a sidelined athlete who was able to avoid debilitating pain after years of prescription medicine or a war veteran who was able to relieve crippling PTSD after spending hours in therapy sessions. The stories you read are uplifting, and this wonder compound’s potential is only in its infancy stages. If you haven’t stumbled on any CBD weight loss stories yet, it’s a safe bet that one of these articles will pop up somewhere in your news feed shortly.

Since becoming an advocate of CBD for weight loss and being a prominent member of the supplement community for a decade, it always feels great to see people sharing their stories based on products we’ve recommended ourselves.

Despite the influx of CBD weight loss stories, the number of people aware of this compound’s ability as a fitness product is negligible. We believe that nobody even considers CBD when thinking of physical fitness.

In the past, CBD has been associated so closely with relaxation, pain relief, and generally a slowing or dumbing down of the body’s vital processes. When people think of weight loss, they usually think of products that accelerate the body’s speed because a good metabolism is a fast metabolism.

However, there are so many reasons why CBD and weight loss stories are beginning to co-exist in much more significant amounts. Let’s look at why CBD and weight loss make a great pair.

Why CBD and Weight Loss Are Closer Than You Think

First and foremost, understanding CBD’s direct effect on weight loss is essential. The primary dynamic here is CBD’s ability to block hunger signals to the body, allowing you to control your appetite and eliminate unwanted fat stores.

CBD targets brown fat cells and white fat cells. The former slows down the body burning calories, while the latter actually helps lower body weight as natural fat burners.

There’s also a slew of secondary elements in play that aren’t directly tied to weight loss but help perpetuate it under the right circumstances.

It’s essential to remember that CBD isn’t a psychoactive compound, so it doesn’t get you stoned or chemically alter your senses or way of thinking. However, because it does help lower anxiety levels, it directly affects stress eating, which significantly impacts appetite control.

CBD to Avoid Weight Gain

The number of clinical trials conducted on CBD for obesity lends plenty of documented research to any product promoting CBD for weight loss. This means all high-quality products currently on the market as CBD for weight loss items are far from fads or fly-by-nights. The individuals who continued taking CBD also avoided putting weight back on.

So, what do CBD products that help you lose weight look like on the shelf? The information below outlines how these products are packaged for the market and what items you should be looking for.

CBD to Lose Weight

Multiple avenues for administration exist for CBD as a weight loss product. The following are some of the primary methods and products for the inclusion of CBD into our daily regimen.

 CBD capsules are the best CBD to lose weight as they also include other fat burning and appetite suppressant compounds. Our favorite CBD weight loss supplement is ShredCBD, which you can see here.

CBD Oil for Weight Loss Journey

CBD oil is probably the quickest and most efficient way to introduce this compound into your system and the least intrusive way to include it in your diet. By having a significant impact on the endocannabinoid system, CBD helps maintain healthy blood sugar levels and allows you to burn more calories.

Some of our favorite CBD oils for weight loss include:

  • Charlotte’s Web CBD Oils. This full-spectrum CBD oil helps you relieve stress and reduce inflammation after exercising, staying on track with your fitness regimen. It also comes in several delicious flavors.
  • FOCL Min CBD Oil Drops: These broad-spectrum CBD oil drops are formulated with MCT oil, helping you maintain the feeling of a full stomach and avoid unhealthy snacking.

These products certainly significantly impact weight loss, but just CBD oil alone isn’t enough to provide a comprehensive approach to hitting your goals.


CBD tea is another popular offering, growing more popular among “teatox” products that have decided to include this compound in their formulas for cleansing and weight loss.

We tend to enjoy:

  • Organic Chill Blend Tea: This CBD tea combines lavender and other ingredients to create a relaxing nighttime blend that promotes restful sleep and regulates your metabolism.

CBD tea, especially combined with the right ingredients like green tea concentrate, can also help boost energy. Depending on the specific formula, you choose between a day or nighttime product. However, CBD tea probably won’t be effective enough on its own to trigger the weight loss you need.

CBD Sprays

CBD sprays are one of the newer products formulated as an on-the-go weight loss product. These handy spray bottles are used to squirt a few drops under the tongue, providing an additional option for CBD weight loss.

We’ve tried and enjoyed:

  • Daisy Mind and Body Weight Loss Spray: This CBD product includes Garcinia Cambogia to double down on its weight loss properties. These reduce weight through appetite suppression and regulation of blood sugar levels.

Again, these work great as a booster but aren’t the standalone product you’re looking for.

CBD Weight Loss Capsules

If you’re looking for that all-in-one product that tackles all of the essential parts of weight loss, this is where you’ll find it. ShredCBD Shred Supplement currently leads the CBD weight loss capsules market, using CBD isolate and a few other potent ingredients to create a powerful standalone weight loss product.

The best part about ShredCBD is that it’s perfect for fitness gurus looking to cut fat while keeping that ripped look or anyone looking to make a lifestyle change and lose a moderate amount of weight.

How Does CBD and Weight Loss Work?

Before we provide you with some of our favorite reader CBD weight loss write-ups, it’s essential to wrap your mind around how CBD works against weight loss and how it could benefit your situation specifically.

When you take CBD for weight loss, this relationship begins with the CBD isolate’s ability to antagonize the Endocannabinoid system. This introduction of CBD triggers increased metabolism, decreased appetite, and an overall boost in mood and energy. This compound doesn’t just help with losing weight, but it also helps fight weight gain after you’ve hit your goals.

Backed by Research

We already know its impact on metabolism through rigorous clinical studies of CBD. Additionally, CBD also plays a substantial role in decreasing ghrelin production. Ghrelin is the hormone in the body behind our feelings of hunger and the overall size of our appetites.

In several studies, participants who received CBD experienced a significant decrease in their food intake than those who ingested placebos. This directly translates into a lower caloric intake, leading to a steady weight loss.

But why take our word for it? Check out some of our favorite CBD weight loss stories from our most dedicated followers.

Uplifting CBD Weight Loss Stories

These are genuine reviews and testimonials from readers that tried ShredCBD based on a direct recommendation or one of our comprehensive reviews. We’d love to see your story on our website – if you’ve decided to include ShredCBD alongside a healthy diet and exercise regimen, send us a short review or report highlighting your results!

Tyler’s CBD Weight Loss Story

“I was always a pretty heavy guy throughout my life – even in my younger days, I was the chubby kid in class. It had a pretty negative impact on my confidence. I’ve tried countless nootropics and other all-natural weight loss products, and none seemed to have much effect. I tried ShredCBD and began noticing a change after about a week. It was crazy – I could feel the difference – I was noticeably lighter after seven days and experiencing incredible benefits. I had more energy; it helped me stop snacking; I had less stress and anxiety about how I looked and felt. At the time of writing this review, I’ve lost 47 pounds over the last eight months. There’s no such thing as a miracle product, but with some exercise and a common-sense diet, ShredCBD will put you where you need to be.”

John’s CBD Weight Loss Story

“I do amateur competition bodybuilding, and I try to go all-organic in every facet of my life. It was difficult to find a supplement that didn’t sacrifice muscle gains during my cutting stages. Honestly, it felt like all the natural stuff I was taking was causing me to go backward, and I’d have to work double to get my physique back to that sculpted look that’s so important during competition. I took ShredCBD in the morning and the evening before my PM workout. This was about two weeks before I planned to cut, and I wanted my system to be used to the new supplement. I instantly started noticing my energy increasing, followed by my endurance. About a week after I started cutting, my losses were on point, and it’s usually at this point that I lose a little size and some firmness around the midsection. Not only did I maintain my gains, but my abs were like a brick wall. I wasn’t just maintaining my gains – they were improving with ShredCBD. I immediately ordered a two-month supply.”

Antonio’s CBD Weight Loss Story

“I’ve been taking ShredCBD for about two months now. I’ve always been in shape because of a high metabolism, so I never had to put much focus on my workout routine or diet. Now that I’m 30, those days are long gone, and I noticed I was getting a little doughy around my stomach. I take two capsules a day, maintain a normal diet (I didn’t reduce food intake), and started incorporating cardio into my daily regimen – just a light jog in the morning, about a mile, give or take. I also do some crunches in the evening. After only two months, there’s been a noticeable fat loss around my stomach, and I feel better – just way more energy than before. My six-pack isn’t back yet, but it’s coming – watch out, ladies. I’d recommend ShedCBD to anybody looking to get back to a healthy weight.”

Are You Serious About Dropping Body Weight?

It doesn’t matter if your goal is a short-term cut to hold your gains, lose a significant amount of weight, or drop a few unwanted pounds – ShredCBD is leading the charge in the category of CBD for weight loss.

Are you ready to be our next CBD weight loss story? Head to the official ShredCBD website and order your supply today!

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