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How Health for All is helping people struggling to make ends meet get health care

How Health for All is helping people struggling to make ends meet get health care

BRYAN, Texas (KBTX) – Right now everyone’s wallet is being affected by inflation, but some people are having to choose between medical care, paying their bills, or putting gas in their car.

The local organization Health for All has the mission of helping those in need who don’t have health care. Liz Dickey, the Executive Director of Health for All, joined First News at Four to talk about how inflation is impacting them and their patients.

Health for All is a free clinic for low-income uninsured patients. They have volunteer medical providers who give their time to provide basic preventative and primary care for those who have nowhere else to turn.

Just like everyone else, Health for All is being affected by higher prices.

“Every medication we buy, every clinic supply, those costs are escalating along with everything else, and of course, there are more patients in need,” explained Dickey.

After a two-year pandemic, many people have a new understanding of the importance of having a medical home in accessing primary care.

“A lot of folks that put off going to the doctor during the pandemic are now coming back out and trying to re-establish those services and so it’s more important than ever that we make sure we’re here and our doors are open to serve them,” said Dickey.

For anyone who would like to help, Health for All can always use more medical volunteers. They allow volunteers to set their own hours and times. For those who aren’t nurses or physicians, Health for All has many events people can get involved in.

Coming up on April 30, they will be hosting a fundraiser called Dance for the Health of It. Dickey describes it as their version of Dancing with the Stars. They ask local celebrities or community leaders to dance with a professional partner who choreographs and helps them learn the dance. The theme this year is back to the 80s. The event will start at 6:00 PM. Find out more here.

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