Home Health Helping Veterans overcome misconceptions about VA health care: Part 2 – VAntage Point

Helping Veterans overcome misconceptions about VA health care: Part 2 – VAntage Point

Helping Veterans overcome misconceptions about VA health care: Part 2 – VAntage Point


When you talk to other Veterans, you can help bust myths and misconceptions that prevent them from getting their health care through VA. Please share the information below and in part one of this series. By sharing, you can help your fellow Veterans understand the world-class quality of VA health care and encourage them to access the care they deserve.

MYTH: VA doesn’t provide high-quality care.

FACT: VA provides excellent coordinated care, resulting in better outcomes for Veterans.

VA takes a team approach to health care with Veterans at the center. VA’s approach involves collaboration among primary care team members who know their patients as individuals with their own personal health goals. VA’s model of care allows a seamless transition from primary to specialty care when needed.

Research shows this approach leads to better quality care, more satisfied patients and fewer hospital visits.

MYTH: VA does not provide modern services like other health systems.

FACT: The future of medicine is here at VA.

VA Medical Centers use the latest medical technology and VA doctors are skilled in the latest procedures, medicines and techniques. Many VA doctors also work at top university teaching hospitals, training the next generation of doctors.

When you sign up for VA health care, you can manage your health and benefits online, including refilling prescriptions, communicating with your care team, attending telemedicine appointments and more. These options make accessing and receiving care through VA easier than ever.

MYTH: There’s no need to sign up for VA health care if you have private coverage.

FACT: There are many advantages to having both VA health care and other health coverage.

There is no cost associated with enrolling in VA care – and VA doctors know Veterans. They work in teams to brainstorm the best treatment options for patients, and they ask important questions that non-VA doctors may not know regarding combat injuries and other military-related health issues. This makes the care more Veteran directed.

If you provide your private health insurance coverage information, VA can bill your insurance provider for non-service-connected conditions treated by VA. This can offset some or all of your VA copayment and may also go toward your annual deductible with your private insurer, saving you money.

MYTH: VA can’t provide Veterans with the care they need.

FACT: VA is ready to care for every eligible Veteran.

VA doctors are empowered to spend as much time with each patient as is necessary. There are no strict time limits like in private care, plus you’ll receive regular care at the VA location of your choice.

When you enroll in VA health care, you become part of the country’s largest integrated health care system – with more than 1,200 care locations and a network of 367,000 providers ready to meet the unique needs of today’s Veterans.

As a Veteran who receives care from an outstanding team in VA, I encourage you to get the comprehensive care you need. Visit www.choose.va.gov/health to learn more about eligibility and apply today. If you are already enrolled, please help us do some myth-busting, and encourage other Veterans to apply!


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