Home Health Helping Veterans dispel myths about VA health care: Part 1 – VAntage Point

Helping Veterans dispel myths about VA health care: Part 1 – VAntage Point

Helping Veterans dispel myths about VA health care: Part 1 – VAntage Point


When you talk to other Veterans, are you surprised to learn they don’t get their health care through VA? You may hear the same reasons again and again – they already have private health insurance, they didn’t experience combat, or they aren’t the type of Veteran VA usually treats. This two-part article helps you dispel myths like these.

By sharing this information with your fellow Veterans, you can help them understand VA health care and encourage them to access the care they deserve.

MYTH: I’m not the typical VA patient.

FACT: Veterans from all walks of life receive primary and specialty care from VA.

No matter who you are or what your medical needs may be, VA is prepared to care for all eligible Veterans. VA offers programs and services for a wide range of Veterans, including women Veterans, minority Veterans, Veterans with mental health conditions, LGBTQ+ Veterans, and elderly or disabled Veterans.

The care provided ranges from state-of-the-art prosthetics to routine primary care and everything in between. VA provides care to support wellness, illness and injuries, mental health and trauma-related needs, substance use problems, women’s health needs and so much more.

Learn more about the services provided under the VA health care program and how to apply for health care.

MYTH: Women won’t be able to get the care they need through VA.

FACT: VA provides a wide range of care to women Veterans.

Based upon feedback from women Veterans, VA has enhanced its offered services. As more women Veterans utilize VA health care, the offerings will continue to grow. VA offers primary care, mental health assistance, gynecological care, military sexual trauma (MST) counseling and reproductive health care.

If a service isn’t offered at your local facility, VA may cover services at another location. Contact your local facility to find out what services are available locally.

MYTH: Only combat Veterans are eligible for VA health care.

FACT: Combat is not a requirement to qualify for VA health care.

You may be eligible for VA health care benefits if you served in the military and didn’t receive a dishonorable discharge. Some Veterans may even qualify for an enhanced eligibility status, which increases the likelihood of getting benefits. Learn more about those requirements here. Even if you are not eligible for VA health care benefits, you can still get care for certain needs. Those needs include post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), depression, substance abuse, or mental and physical health problems related to MST.

Learn about your eligibility

As a Veteran who receives care from an outstanding team in VA, I encourage you to get the comprehensive care you need. Visit www.choose.va.gov/health to learn more about eligibility and apply today. If you are already enrolled, please help us do some myth-busting and encourage other Veterans to apply.


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