Home CBD Growth of CBD bike lanes a divisive issue for city commuters

Growth of CBD bike lanes a divisive issue for city commuters

Growth of CBD bike lanes a divisive issue for city commuters


We have a duty to provide a safe city, and we must build safe infrastructure to cope with increasing demand. Otherwise, with more people scooting and riding it’s inevitable that there will be accidents with tragic consequences for road users. According to Transport Accident Commission data, hospitalisations from accidents involving cyclists increased by 65 per cent between 2010 and 2020 in the City of Melbourne. International research shows that streets with protected bike lanes improve safety for all road users.

Another key priority for the city is to reduce traffic congestion. Department of Transport data shows that bike lanes can move roughly three times as many people as one car traffic lane.

The City of Melbourne is committed to reaching zero emissions, so we will continue to support and promote green transport modes, such as bikes and e-scooters, which do less harm to the environment and take up less space on our streets.


At the same time, we are doing everything we can to attract people back to the city. We want to be able to welcome them by public transport, on bikes, on e-scooters, by ride-share services and private vehicles. There is no “right” way to come into the city, and, more than ever, we want Melbourne to be a city that is accessible to everyone.

We’ve heard that some traders want flexible daytime parking options for returning office-workers and visitors to enjoy a quick lunch. That’s why we will be working with carpark operators to promote daytime parking deals that benefit business owners. On-street parking is limited and important for essential trips, and we will always ensure there are spaces for people living with a disability and delivery drivers.

There have never been so many exciting reasons to return to the city, and there is a transport option for everyone. Popular modes of transport change with the times, and we are doing our bit to ensure Melbourne has the foundations to support everyone, no matter how they like to get into the city, for many years to come.

Sally Capp is the lord mayor of Melbourne.


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