For 10th Year in a Row, NYU Langone Health Named National LGBTQ+ Healthcare Equality Leader by Human Rights Campaign Foundation

For 10th Year in a Row, NYU Langone Health Named National LGBTQ+ Healthcare Equality Leader by Human Rights Campaign Foundation

For the 10th year in a row, NYU Langone Health has been designated an LGBTQ+ Healthcare Equality Leader by the Human Rights Campaign Foundation, the nation’s largest LGBTQ+ advocacy group, in recognition of its commitment to providing high-quality, individualized care for all patients. This year, Hassenfeld Children’s Hospital at NYU Langone has received its own leader status, making it the first and only children’s hospital in New York City to do so, and among only 3 in New York State and 32 in the nation.

The leader designations follow a 100 percent score on the 2022 Human Rights Campaign Foundation’s Healthcare Equality Index that surveys care for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, or questioning (LGBTQ+) people, their caregivers, and families. The Family Health Centers at NYU Langone also earned this designation for the first time in 2022. Along with Hassenfeld Children’s Hospital and the Family Health Centers at NYU Langone, the certification also applies to Tisch Hospital and Kimmel Pavilion, NYU Langone Orthopedic Hospital, NYU Langone Hospital—Brooklyn, and NYU Langone Hospital—Long Island. Each program independently received a perfect score.

“Each of these certifications is meaningful within its designated area, but collectively show that across the organization, NYU Langone is committed to equitable care,” says Kevin T. Moore, RN, assistant director of LGBTQ+ clinical services for NYU Langone. “This inclusive approach ensures better outcomes for individuals who historically have been marginalized and impacted by health disparities.”

About NYU Langone’s Performance on the Healthcare Equality Index Report

The Healthcare Equality Index is an annual report that promotes equal care by systematically evaluating and certifying health systems on their policies, programs, and sense of responsibility for LGBTQ+ patients, visitors, and employees.

The index evaluates and scores healthcare facilities on detailed criteria falling under four central pillars: 

  • foundational policies and training in LGBTQ+ patient-centered care  
  • LGBTQ+ patient services and support  
  • employee benefits and policies 
  • patient and community engagement 

Receiving this award for the past decade demonstrates NYU Langone’s unrelenting commitment to providing thoughtful, quality care for LGBTQ+ patients and visitors, and the best work–life experience for employees.

Support and Affirming Care for Young Patients

Hassenfeld Children’s Hospital is committed to providing comprehensive and affirming family-centered care to LGBTQ+ patients and families, especially given LGBTQ+ children and adolescents have been shown to be an underserved population, often experiencing discrimination and health disparities within the healthcare system nationally.

“On behalf of the staff at Hassenfeld Children’s Hospital, we are incredibly proud to have received this designation from the Human Rights Campaign Foundation to be recognized among a select group of children’s hospitals as leaders in caring for LGBTQ+ youth,” says Michele Lloyd, vice president of children’s services and Sala Institute for Child and Family Centered Care. “Expanding support and offering the very best care for our LGBTQ+ patients and families has remained a top priority, and we are committed to developing care programs that are tailored to the unique needs of these patients and families.”

Among the many distinctive offerings at Hassenfeld Children’s Hospital is the Transgender Youth Health Program, which extends family-centered affirming care for transgender and gender diverse youth and their families. Access to gender-affirming care has a positive relationship with the mental health of this community and lowers their risk of depression and suicide. The program’s multidisciplinary team approach includes mental healthcare, medical intervention, support for parents, and advocacy—treating each patient as an individual in order to offer support accordingly.

Caring for Populations at Risk

The Family Health Centers at NYU Langone is principally based in the Sunset Park neighborhood of Brooklyn. The Family Health Centers at NYU Langone is a community-based program that provides primary and preventive outpatient care to adults and children regardless of their ability to pay or health insurance status. The centers serve a largely immigrant community with many Asian, Latinx, and Arab residents, where long-held cultural beliefs can spur family tensions for the LGBTQ+ population.

“We always strive to be inclusive. Our staff is trained to be open and accepting of the views and needs of the local community and of marginalized populations,” says Joseph D. Laino, PsyD, assistant director of clinical operations, ambulatory behavioral health for the Family Health Centers at NYU Langone. “It’s affirming simply that they will show up and want to talk, knowing we offer an open and welcoming environment.”

The cohesion of behavioral health and other medical services is a crucial aspect of providing high-quality care for LGBTQ+ patients and families, explains Dr. Laino. “Trust spreads in the community about what we offer, whether its family therapy or individual counseling services, or medical services for trans patients and HIV services.”

“This certification speaks volumes about our role in the community—what we strive for, and how we are perceived,” says Larry K. McReynolds, executive director of the Family Health Centers at NYU Langone. “It is a credit to our team that prioritizes inclusivity and empathy in every aspect of care.”

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