Diversity, Equity and Inclusion | School of Public Health

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion | School of Public Health

DEI Committee mission

The School of Public Health (SPH) considers diversity critical to its educational mission. We recognize that diversity is richly complex and multi-faceted. We encourage sharing unique perspectives, critically reflecting on others experiences, and asking for clarity when needed. It is believed the convergence of different ideas, experiences, and beliefs will create an optimal learning environment in which we can grow our own perspectives. We all benefit from a diverse living and learning environment.

We at the School of Public Health value human diversity in all its richly complex and multi-faceted forms, whether expressed through race and ethnicity, culture, political and social views, religious and spiritual beliefs, language and geographic characteristics, gender expression, gender identity, and sexual identity, learning and physical abilities, age, and social or economic classes. We respect the value of every member, and everyone is encouraged to share their unique perspective as an individual, not necessarily as a representative of any category.

Public health has a foundation of cultural awareness and diversity to support equitable care for all. Addressing the health inequities that are pervasive in the healthcare system including many social services and educational awareness campaigns are central to our school’s commitment to making the world a better place. Our programs strive to prepare students to become part of a worldwide or global approach to public health, encompassing differences in language, culture, geography, and all aspects of the social determinants of health.


Objective 1: Provide a supportive and nurturing learning environment to prepare students to collaborate with diverse communities in Nevada, regionally, the nation, and globally.

Objective 2: Foster and monitor a school climate that encourages diversity, inclusion, and critical discourse.

Objective 3: Transform the School of Public Health into a culturally respectful and sensory landscape to create a multicultural welcoming physical and virtual space.

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