Discrimination suit by Filipina American doctor blasts health equity measures

Discrimination suit by Filipina American doctor blasts health equity measures

Near the end of a four-minute video that explains why she’s suing Hennepin Healthcare Services for racial discrimination, Dr. Tara Gustilo knits her eyebrows, looks straight at the camera, and implores the viewer, “Please join me in standing up for a pro-human medical profession.” 

A nonpartisan free-speech advocacy group produced the video, flipping the script on what most people might expect from a discrimination lawsuit. With uplifting music and a staged workspace as backdrop, Gustilo, who is Filipina, claims she was discriminated against for her opposition to critical race theory. (Critical race theory is a framework for examining systemic racism that has become a wedge issue for conservatives.) 

Dr. Tara Gustilo shares her story in this video produced by Foundation Against Intolerance & Racism.

The federal lawsuit, filed in Minnesota, cites racial discrimination in Gustilo’s demotion from her role as Chair of Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology. The suit also claims that Hennepin Healthcare used a system of “racially segregated” care in its OB-GYN department.

Gustilo, represented by Upper Midwest Law Center (UMLC), a public-interest law firm that has recently filed lawsuits related to critical race theory, is pursuing an employment law case about a specific personnel matter. But the lawsuit also makes claims about equity-based medical practices. And the legal outcome of this case could have broader implications for the health care of people of color.

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