Cymbiotika Launches Plant Protein Powder with Gut Health, Immunity and Energy-Boosting Benefits

Cymbiotika Launches Plant Protein Powder with Gut Health, Immunity and Energy-Boosting Benefits

“We are thrilled to announce our latest innovation with Plant Protein. We are always looking for new formulas to offer our consumers as they continue their journey to optimal health,” said Cymbiotika’s CEO and Co-Founder, Shahab Elmi. “Consumers are constantly being told about the benefits of including more plants in their diets, both for health and sustainability purposes. Our Plant Protein is perfect for those looking to revitalize their personal health routine while pandemic restrictions begin to lessen. With this revolutionary formula, consumers can expect to feel better on the go, with reduced bloating and gas, more energy and a stronger immune system.”

The formula comes in a complex powder featuring three complete proteins, raw greens, pre- and probiotics, fiber, digestive enzymes and adaptogenic herbs and mushrooms. The Plant Protein is filled with essential vitamins, minerals and a full range of amino acids to deliver top-notch benefits for improved energy and exercise benefits.

“We are beyond proud of the Plant Protein, which contains specialized ingredients that were hand-selected by our team of doctors and scientists. This has allowed us to bring the highest-quality solution for increased metabolism and enhanced detoxification to market,” said Chervin Jafarieh, Co-Founder of Cymbiotika. “The launch of Plant Protein offers a protein powder option that will support daily nutritional needs and keep everyone thriving on the go.”

Cymbiotika’s Plant Protein retails for $88 and is available for purchase through the Cymbiotika website. Customers should mix one scoop of the powder into an eight-to-ten-ounce glass of cold water, their favorite milk, or easily blend it into a shake or smoothie. To make the most out of a fitness routine, it is recommended to consume Cymbiotika Organic Longevity Mushroom as a pre-workout supplement and Plant Protein post-workout.

Cymbiotika crafts supplements with only the highest quality bioavailable, and wild-crafted ingredients. The Plant Protein is GMP certified and meets the criteria for keto, gluten-free, soy-free and grain-free diets. For more details, please visit:

About Cymbiotika 

Cymbiotika is an innovative wellness brand based in San Diego. With the motto, “Your mind and body deserve the best”, Cymbiotika is driven by the higher purpose of inspiring everyday people to achieve their optimal health. Founded in 2017, Cymbiotika uses the most advanced bioavailable absorption technology and sources only the highest quality plant-based nutrients to resolve specific nutritional deficiencies and support healthy aging, detoxification and longevity. Cymbiotika never uses synthetics, GMOs, fillers, chemicals, preservatives, additives or sugars in its products. For more information, visit

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