CBD brand finally helps Faithless to sleep

CBD brand finally helps Faithless to sleep

British electronic band, Faithless, will finally be getting some sleep after partnering with a CBD brand to create a remix of their 90s dance anthem, Insomnia, as a 27-minute sleep track.

Fusing science with sound, CBD brand, OTO and Faithless enlisted the support of sleep expert James Wilson – “The Sleep Geek” – to help develop the track.

The remix is designed to lull listeners into a deep, restorative sleep. Created specifically to help listeners fall asleep more soundly, the duration of Insomnia: Blissful Sleep Remix is 27 minutes which is the average amount of time it takes Brits to fall asleep.

A reduced tempo of 100 beats per minute, aligns with the normal resting heart rate for sleep in adults and is therefore optimal for inducing sleep.

The song also features an orchestra of 15 musicians encompassing strings, woodwinds and percussion who re-create the original Insomnia riff. The musicians mimic a rhythmic pulse similar to isochronic tones, which are often embedded into music to help sync brain waves to their frequency. There is also an ASMR reprise of the lyric “I can’t get no sleep”.

The relaxing music is designed to be paired with OTO’s Sleep Drops, to create a “winning pre-sleep formula”.

Insomnia: Blissful Sleep Remix was recorded and produced by Sister Bliss and Rollo Armstrong, with the track mastered by Christian Wright. The Romans delivered the project.

Sister Bliss said: “It’s hard to believe we produced Insomnia 27 years ago in a garden shed. Being in there all day and then DJ-ing at night was like having permanent jet lag, so I came up with the title ‘Insomnia‘, because I literally couldn’t sleep. Once released, the track became an anthem for a generation of late-night clubbers who, as the lyric goes, were also getting ‘no sleep’.

“With that legacy in mind, the opportunity to collaborate with OTO on the creation of a sleep remix was one I couldn’t turn down. I can’t wait to get the track out there and help a nation of bad sleepers finally get the rest they’re craving.”

Gemma Colao, founder of OTO, said: “Sound and sleep have always been at the heart of our brand – the name ‘OTO’ means sound in Japanese. As someone who has always been a bad sleeper, I have a personal connection with lack of sleep and what that can do to our minds and bodies.”

She continued: “Working with an artist that would resonate with a generation of adults experiencing huge changes to their sleep routine was integral to this project, and we’re absolutely honoured to have been on this journey with Faithless.

“Insomnia is such an iconic track so it’s fantastic to be able to bring new meaning to the music in this day and age when getting better sleep is so important for people’s wellbeing. Our mission from the very beginning was to help people find their calm and discover the power of CBD – this track, alongside our blissful sleep drops, will no doubt do that.”

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