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Best THC Gummies: Top Delta 8 THC & CBD Gummy Edibles In 2022 | Kitsap Daily News

Best THC Gummies: Top Delta 8 THC & CBD Gummy Edibles In 2022 | Kitsap Daily News


With weed legalization becoming popular throughout the globe, a new industry has started to grow around hemp-derived products. With each passing day, the industry develops new and innovative products. THC gummies are one such product.

THC gummies are just like regular gummies, except they are infused with hemp-derived compounds like THC. They are suited for people who want to enjoy the benefits of hemp-derived compounds but do not like the earthy taste that comes with hemp products.

THC gummies have become popular as an alternate way of weed consumption. These gummies not only provide the euphoric effects of weed but also leave a sweet taste in your mouth.

Top 5 Best THC Gummies On The Market 2022:

We have researched multiple delta-8 gummies and analyzed many customer reviews to shortlist the following five best THC gummies in the market. So, here are the top THC gummies and what they are best at:

  1. Exhale Wellness – Overall Best Brand For THC Gummies, Editor’s Pick
  2. BudPop – Strongest Potency Gummy Brand For Delta-8 Edibles
  3. Hollyweed CBD – Variety Flavored Vegan & Gluten-Free Weed Gummies
  4. Diamond CBD – Top Reputable Delta-8 THC Gummy Brand
  5. 3Chi – Best Value For Money Marijuana Gummy Cubes

#1. Exhale Wellness – Overall Best Brand For THC Gummies, Editor’s Pick


Exhale is one of the most visible and fastest-growing delta-9 brands. They are famous for their high-quality hemp products. They are top ranking in both delta 9 and delta 8 products. In addition, they make all their products from natural and non-GMO sources. The products include no gimmicks, pesticides, residues, or other chemicals harmful to your health.

With modern cannabis research, edibles are now available in the form of delta-9 gummies that can change your experience of mental and physical well-being. These small, potent treats have taken the cannabis market by storm as consumers want the benefits of a new and improved version of CBD gummies. In addition to their popularity, the taste and texture of these gummies are unmatchable.

Exhale Wellness delta-9 THC gummies come with full-spectrum delta-9 THC, which benefits its effects. Moreover, it comes in one single packaging, which is 225 mg of Delta 9 THC per jar. However, Delta 8 THC gummies comes in two varieties which are 750 mg and 1500 mg of Delta 8 THC per jar. All the jars contain a total of 30 gummy cubes.


  • Third-Party Lab Tested: Exhale Wellness products have been highly tested by advanced and well-equipped third-party labs. They have thoroughly examined and tested the quality of the product, and the results have shown that it is safe and easy to use. In addition, these tests also ensure that the product contains the compounds mentioned on the packaging.
  • 100% Organic: These gummies are 100% organic and vegan. Organic cannabis plants are the source of delta-9, the primary cannabinoids in these gummies. Apart from that, these cannabis plants grow in organic conditions, and no artificial chemicals are used in their production.
  • Cruelty-Free: No animals are killed or harmed during the production of THC gummies. Neither the product nor its ingredients have been tested on animals.
  • Vegan Friendly: As Exhale Wellness delta-9 gummies are made from plant sources, no animal gelatin is present in them. Thus, these gummies are a suitable option for vegans.
  • No Artificial Colors: These gummies have no artificial colors or ingredients. This colorful treat has natural, eye-catching colors and a fruity flavor. Organic Ingredients include citric acid, rice syrup, and fruit concentrate, which makes them tropical, colorful, and delicious.
  • Money-Back Guarantee: Exhale Wellness products come with a thirty-day money-back guarantee along with many other benefits. Therefore, you can return these within thirty days if you are not happy with the results.

? Visit the Official Website of Exhale Wellness


  • Wide variety of products
  • Excellent customer service
  • Offer free shipping
  • Vegan friendly


Customer Reviews

These gummies give you physical joy and mental satisfaction, and they make you relaxed every time you chew them. Customers enjoy Exhale’s delta-9 gummies as well as delta-8 gummy cubes for their taste and flavor, and the brand has received numerous positive feedback.

#2. BudPop – Strongest Potency Gummy Brand For Delta-8 Edibles


BudPop is a Los Angeles-based company famous for delta-8 THC products such as gummies, flowers, and cartridges. They are ethically sourced from the best hemp plants in the USA. Their continuous dedication to high-quality delta-8 THC products and natural organic sources make them unique in the market. Thus these gummies are among the company’s best-selling items.

BudPop delta-8 THC gummies are available in three unique flavors: Strawberry Gelato, Blue Dream Berry, and Watermelon Zkittlez, which will make you crave more. BudPop delta-8 THC gummies will provide you with the benefits of delta-8 THC without vaping or smoking.


  • Organic: BudPop delta-8 THC gummies are made from 100% organic materials. It contains cannabinoids from hemp plants that have been grown in suitable conditions for excellent results. BudPop infuses each delta-8 gummy with organic, non-GMO, plant-derived terpenes.
  • Vegan: No animal ingredients are used to synthesize BudPop delta-8 THC gummies. They are made only from plant sources. So it is highly suitable for vegans.
  • Third-Party Lab Tested: BudPop THC gummies are 3rd party lab-tested, ensuring that they are reliable and safe to use. The results are available on the company’s website.
  • Safety: The most ethical and safest methods to produce these gummies are used. The hemp is grown in the USA, which produces the most premium quality of hemp.
  • Euphoric Effects: Delta-8 THC is known for its calming and euphoric effects. Taking these gummies can increase production energy, giving you a clear-headed feeling.
  • Fast Shipping: BudPop delta-8 THC gummies will reach your doorsteps within two to seven days after you place your order.

? Visit the Official Website of BudPop


  • Provide a sweet soothing effect
  • Relieves pain
  • Effects of overdose are temporary
  • 20% discount for first-time purchase


  • Can cause slight nervousness

Customer Reviews

If you still haven’t decided to buy the BudPop delta-8 THC gummies, you should check their customer response. Customers have positively responded to the BudPop delta-8 THC gummies and how their excellent flavor and long-lasting effects make them buzzed all day.

#3. Hollyweed CBD – Variety Flavored Vegan & Gluten-Free Weed Gummies


Hollyweed is one of the most prominent brands in the world of cannabis. Hollywood delta-8 gummies come in various fruity flavors, which will give you a heavenly experience. They are soft and easily chewable. Hollyweed Delta-8 gummies come in two forms: round and cubes. These gummies will provide you with a high euphoric body experience that will leave you inspired, comforted, and clear-minded. Delta-8 gummies are getting popular because of their effects on your body and health.

Hollyweed delta-8 gummies have full-spectrum phytocannabinoids present in them, including CBD and a small amount of THC. Moreover, they also contain flavonoids and terpenes found in hemp plants, making the delta-8 effect more potent. It takes about thirty minutes to feel the full impact of delta-8 with these gummies.


  • Dosage: Each gummy has 25mg delta-8 THC. One can consume micro-dosing, about 1-10mg as a beginner. At 10-20mg, you will experience mild euphoria. It will make you more engaged, creative, and clear-minded. It will also help to regulate your sleeping schedule. Taking 20-30mg delta-8 will give you cerebral and physical euphoria. Users with tolerance can enjoy this amount easily. Taking 30-50mg delta-8 will provide strong euphoric and psychoactive effects. The physical discomfort will go away soon, and you will feel relaxed and comfortable.
  • Active Ingredients: Delta-8 THC is the first active Hollyweed delta-8 THC gummies. Other active ingredients include sunflower oil and spirulina. Sunflower oil improves heart health by lowering cholesterol, improving digestion, and strengthening the immune system.
  • Organic and Vegan: Hollyweed delta-8 gummies are made exclusively from organically grown hemp. They are free from harmful additives, pesticides or other harmful chemicals. No animals are harmed during production, and it contains 100% natural and organic ingredients.
  • Benefits: Delta-8 interacts with the body and minimizes negative thoughts and feelings, including stress, sadness, and anger. It boosts your creativity and energy. These gummies have become a popular snack after a long day’s work or a hard workout in the gym. Hollyweed delta-8 THC gummies are great for parties or gatherings where you want to get social. Besides, delta-8 gummies also promote deeper sleep and help to regulate your sleeping patterns.

? Visit the Official Website of Hollyweed CBD


  • Ingredients are all-natural and organic
  • Extracted from the hemp plants in the USA
  • No artificial flavors or colors
  • Multiple flavors and potency options


  • Only available online
  • High doses may cause a lack of coordination

Customer Reviews

This product has garnered many positive reviews online due to its unique flavors and varieties. Customers keep coming back to leave positive reviews on the Hollyweed website. Moreover, vegan-friendly and high potency gummies are the topics of debate in many customer review forums.

#4. Diamond CBD – Top Reputable Delta-8 THC Gummy Brand


By providing a variety of flavorful hemp-derived treats, Diamond CBD has made some of the USA’s most delicious CBD gummies. Diamond CBD products are manufactured using industrial hemp, which provides excellent relaxation with additional benefits of cannabinoids.

Diamond CBD has many products, including Chill Plus CBD Gummy Bears bundles, Delta Force Square gummies-1000X, Delta Force Watermelon Slices- 800X, Full-spectrum CBD delta-8 CBD oil-1000X, and Chill Plus delta-8 vape cartridge – banana Kush – 900mg(100ml), etc.

Chill Plus, Delta Force square, comes with all the greatness of delta-8. They have unique, delicious flavors that come with 2000mg of CBD to make your buzz smooth and exciting with vegan and gluten free products. Chill Plus delta-8 square gummies are your perfect partner for parties, friends’ gatherings, or chilling alone. One pack of gummies contains 200 pieces, and each gummy has 20mg delta-8. Their colors are very vibrant and attractive, which will make you crave more.


  • Potency: Diamond CBDChill Plus delta-8 square gummies has 4000mg of delta-8 THC and 4000mg CBD. Weighing 25 ounces, it is 160.00 mg/oz.
  • Active Ingredients: Lab analysis shows that Chill Plus delta-8 square gummies contain light corn syrup (corn syrup, corn, vanilla), cane sugar, water, and citric acid. Additionally, the colors include USA-certified colors.
  • Free Two-Day Express Shipping: Diamond CBD offers a quick two-day Express shipping delivery on orders above $100. Moreover, they also include a 30-day money-back guarantee on its products. Thus, you can return a product within 30 days to be eligible for a refund if the product does not meet your requirements.
  • Dosage: You can take one gummy every four to six hours. You take up to three gummies every four to six hours if you need more. One can take 1-6mg for every 10 pounds of weight. So a person of 150lbs can take 15-25mg, and a person of 200lbs can take 20-33mg. Exceeding this value can be harmful to your body.
  • Effects: Delta-8 THC has numerous positive effects on your body. Reports state that it can influence sleep, appetite, and mood.

? Visit the Official Website of Diamond CBD


  • Non-addictive product
  • Relaxes body and mind
  • 30-day return policy
  • Subscription package available


  • High doses may result in dizziness
  • May cause weight loss in some individual

Customer Reviews

Customer reviews about the Chill Plus delta-8 gummies are favorable for the most part. People like the flavor and enjoy the euphoric effects of these gummies. Moreover, the square-shaped gummies amaze people due to their unique design and texture.

#5. 3Chi – Best Value For Money Marijuana Gummy Cubes


3Chi makes various products, but THC gummies are one of their best products. In a short period, 3Chi has made its place in the vicinity of the cannabis industry. They provide a hygienic, well-maintained environment for the extraction of delta-8 and the production of 3Chi delta-8 THC gummies.

3Chi delta-8 THC gummies come in two primary delicious flavors: Awesome Black Raspberry and Yummy Watermelon. These potent delta-8 gummies provide an uplifting and motivating feel with a calming sensation in the body. It comes in a pack of eight gummies with a total dosage of 200mg or a pack of 16 with 400mg.


  • Child-Proof Packing: 3Chi delta-8 THC gummies come in child-proof packing. It requires reaching in and holding the interior side flap with your thumb so that it can be pinned to the opposite side of the bag while pulling the other side. In this way, the children cannot easily open it, and it is secure.
  • Ingredients: Glucose syrup, sugar, distilled water, pectin, natural and artificial flavors, natural and artificial colors, citric acid, hemp oil, and sodium citrate are the ingredients used to form Delta-8 THC gummies. After looking at the ingredients individually, we can say that 3Chi delta-8 THC gummies are made from a natural pectin recipe, which means these gummies are entirely organic and gluten-free.
  • Dosage: These gummies contain 25mg of delta-8 THC. For new users, half a gummy is suggested. It is always possible to have more gummies later. After this, wait for two hours and see your body’s response. Some individuals like to eat on an empty stomach for quicker results.
  • Fast-Acting: These gummies are fast-acting products. 3Chi is a proud producer of the fastest acting gummies present in the market, allowing the recipients to feel its effects in minutes.
  • Third-Party Lab Testing: 3Chi delta-8 THC gummies have undergone several laboratory tests across the USA. Results have shown that they are not harmful to your physical and mental health. They don’t contain delta-9 THC of more than 0.3%, which means they are less potent and legal.

? Visit the Official Website of 3Chi


  • Relaxes your mind and body
  • Child-proof packaging
  • Fast delivery
  • Environment-friendly extraction method


Customer Reviews

3Chi delta-8 gummies have gained a massive following among fans, and they especially like the high quality and potency of the gummies. In addition to their potency, customers also appreciate the packaging of these gummies. The label includes all the necessary information you would need about the ingredients, dosage, and effects of these gummies.

How We Created This List of the Best THC Gummy & Weed Edibles?

When it comes to weed products, we all know how frustrating it is to choose that one perfect item from a list of hundreds of similar products. Firstly, it takes a lot of time and energy to go through the list of products and compare the pros and cons of different products. Secondly, you waste your money if you buy the wrong product.

Likewise, if you are a first-time buyer, ending up with the wrong product is likely. You have many options with different sizes, doses, and flavors available. You can easily weigh the advantages and disadvantages based on your requirement and place an order. Since there are many factors to consider when buying THC gummies, most people do not have time to analyze every product in detail.

Therefore, we took it upon ourselves to make the process a little easier for you. We made a list of some of the best-selling products on the market for you to go through.

What We Looked For

We considered the following factors while making a list of the best THC gummies in the market.

Customer reviews are the best source for information about anything. We gathered information from the reviews on the companies’ official websites and other top consumer review platforms. After analyzing customers’ responses, we chose those with the highest positive reviews.

Pricing is an essential factor when deciding to spend money on a product. Some companies sell cheaper and sub-standard products to attract a large audience. However, those products do not provide users with a good experience. Additionally, these products do not fulfill the consumer’s requirements and instead wastes time and money. Keep in mind that high-quality products do not come at a low price.

Therefore, we only consider the products that use high-quality materials and do not compromise on the standard and reputation of the company.

We only selected products that are verified by third-party lab tests. This is because not all THC products available in the market are safe. Some companies do not perform lab tests and give out harmful products to their customers. We strictly stayed away from such products. Therefore we only chose products and brands that were honest and transparent about selling to the public.

Potency is the primary thing to consider when dealing with THC gummies. Different brands offer products with a wide range of potency from low to very high. The potency of a product can significantly influence the experience you have with the product—higher potency results in a more prominent effect. Therefore, we made sure that the products we chose had high potency to deliver the best results to the customers.

Buying Guide: The Best Delta-8 THC Products for Beginners

THC gummies have become very popular in the hemp industry lately. They are taking over oils, flowers, pre-rolls, and many other products, which have been a favorite product of consumers for a very long time. However, with multiple brands in the market claiming to provide good quality natural products, selecting a product or making up your mind can be a difficult task.

Moreover, choosing the wrong product can waste your time and money as it will fall short of your needs and affect your mood and well-being. Therefore it is crucial to know about the products before you go ahead and buy them. With so many flavors to choose from, you should always go for the most delectable CBD gummies for pain relief in order to have a pleasant experience while alleviating your pain.

The easiest way to prevent that is by doing thorough research about the product you want to buy. You should have a mental picture of the requirements you desire and the product that meets your requirements. In this way, you can narrow down your search based on several factors.

CBD is a delicious and guilt-free solution to your problems. Taking CBD gummies may help you manage anxiety waves that occur throughout the day, making you feel more relaxed, inspired, and focused. These CBD gummies for anxiety are a safer option for relieving anxiety symptoms without the risk of side effects.

There are a lot of factors in play that collectively decide the reliability and trustworthiness of the product. Some of these factors are:

Quality is the first thing to look for when buying THC Gummies. Not all gummies will live up to their reputation. Therefore, buying from a trusted and verified vendor is critical as some fraudulent companies use substandard products to reduce the cost of manufacturing products.

Buying products from these companies will leave you with an unpleasant experience as these products will not provide the mental and physical effects they promised. In addition, these companies trick you into spending large amounts of money on sub-standard products. These products can damage your health; therefore, you must always ensure that the company you’re buying from is trustworthy.

Third-party tests are an essential factor to consider when looking for THC gummies. The companies that do not use sub-standard material are open and honest to the authorities and the consumers. Therefore they do not shy away from getting the products verified by third-party labs.

Third-party labs test a company’s products and display the results of their chemical analysis. These tests check the integrity of the product to see if the product meets its advertisement criteria. Furthermore, the results by third-party labs are free of any bias and can be found on the company’s official website.

When buying THC gummies, always try to buy from a reputed distributor. Reputation is the foundation of trust between a company and its customers, and that is why customers keep coming back to companies with a solid reputation for their quality products.

Customers choose companies that maintain their reputation by meeting and exceeding customers’ expectations. Moreover, the companies that maintain their reputation walk the extra mile to ensure that the customers are satisfied with the product. These companies contain customer reviews on their websites which can tell us a lot about the product before purchasing it.

Additionally, these reviews contain unbiased opinions from the public about the products that they have tried and enjoyed. Therefore these reviews are an essential factor to consider when buying THC Gummies.

Dosage is also a factor of great importance to consider when buying THC gummies. Not all brands and products have the exact dosages and ratios. In addition to the type of product, the dosage of the product is also crucial as every brand is available in several different doses. These doses range from very low to very high, and consumption varies from person to person. You should buy only the products that meet the requirements of your daily dosage.

Buying products with a small dosage can result in not experiencing the product’s full potential. Similarly, buying products with a large dosage can disturb your routine and affect your physical and mental health.

Therefore you should consult a medical professional to thoroughly assess your daily dosage requirements based on weight, height, age, and gender. You should only look to buy products recommended by a medical professional after accessing your medical history.

You should always look for the sources used to make the products before buying them. With THC gummies, always try to buy from open and transparent distributors and research how they source their products. The best brands in the market will use only natural and organic hemp grown in the USA for their products. Clinical studies have also shown that THC and CBD blends can help with symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) (ALS).

Organic hemp is the best option in this case because the products of natural hemp are vegan and do not contain GMOs. Additionally, natural hemp does not have specific side effects that synthetic or lab-grown hemp products have.

FAQs: Delta-8 THC Gummies

Q1. How many THC gummies can I consume in a day?

It depends on your personal needs and requirements. If your needs are on the lower end of the spectrum, one gummy a day sounds like a great option. You can consume as many a day as comfortable with the upper end of the spectrum. If you are starting, you should start from half a gummy a day to observe its effects and gradually climb the ladder.

Q2. When do you start to feel the effect of THC gummies?

You start to feel the effects of THC gummies within half an hour after consumption. They do not show the effect as soon as you eat them because you are not inhaling THC but consuming it and digesting it, which takes time.

Q3. Are gummies a good alternative to smoking delta-8?

Delta-8 gummies are an excellent alternative for smoking because they do not affect consumers’ lungs. Although, since the consumer is digesting the gummies instead of inhaling them, the effect will take longer to show up.

Q4. How old do you have to be to purchase delta-8 THC?

There are no regulations for the minimum age to purchase delta-8 THC. However, several state regulations mandate that consumers must be 21 years or older to purchase delta-8 THC legally.

Q5. Will delta-8 THC make me feel high?

Delta-8 THC has much lower potency than delta-9 THC, making it significantly less mind-altering. However, when inhaling or consuming delta-8 THC in its concentrated form, it can produce a semi-sedative physical effect, which can help you feel more relaxed and laid back. It’s light in nature and does not include side effects like paranoia and anxiety.

Q6. How long do the effects of delta-8 THC last?

The duration of effects can vary from person to person but usually stops within a few hours. Those sensitive to its sedative effects should only consume this product at home or before bed.

Q7. How does taking delta-8 THC gummies feel?

Many consumers describe their high as being relaxing and pleasant. It helps your thinking process to be more accurate. The gummies do not cause anxiety in the same way that cannabis does. However, these experiences vary depending on the individual’s tolerance of the gummies, age, and many other factors. Nevertheless, they are popular among clients since they help with anxiety.

Q8. How is delta-8 THC different from delta-9 THC?

Delta-9 THC is a psychoactive and potent compound in the cannabis plant. Delta-8 is also a cannabinoid compound found in hemp plants, and it is different from its famous cousin, delta-9. Delta-8 is not as psychoactive as its cousin delta-9 but has the same effects as delta-9.

Concluding Thoughts: Which Are the Best Delta-8 THC Gummies to Buy?

This article has highlighted the best delta 8 THC gummies available in the market. These products exceed the expectations of customers in every aspect. Whether it is the quality, pricing, or customer services, these brands will not disappoint you.

Also, fat-burning vitamins are a wonderful addition to your weight-loss regimen and may help you achieve your desired weight-loss outcomes faster. When used with Testosterone boosters, these products have been used to alleviate pain, reduce anxiety, tension, and depression, and enhance Testosterone levels. These fat-burning supplements may help you not only burn fat but also maintain your energy levels throughout the day.

The manufacturers deliver top-notch products to your doorstep, saving you from making trips to the physical stores every time you need a THC gummy to fix the mood. Moreover, these products go through strict regulations and procedures to ensure that you get the best THC gummy experience.

Thus, you can skim through the products and decide for yourself. These products provide the guarantee to give you the best experience. So, pick and choose the THC gummies that you see best, according to your needs, without wasting any more time.

The news and editorial staff of Sound Publishing, Inc. had no role in the preparation of this post. The views and opinions expressed in this sponsored post are those of the advertiser and do not reflect those of Sound Publishing, Inc.

Sound Publishing, Inc. does not accept liability for any loss or damages caused by the use of any products, nor do we endorse any products posted in our Marketplace.


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