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Bayern Munich’s Alphonso Davies provides health and fitness update

Bayern Munich’s Alphonso Davies provides health and fitness update


Alphonso Davies has been out of action for both Bayern Munich and the Canadian national team since the beginning of January. After suffering from a coronavirus infection, medical scans later revealed that he had developed a case of myocarditis, and thus, could not train for several months, up until just last week.

Davies has been a big miss for both club and country, but could very well be in contention to be involved in Bayern’s trip to SC Freiburg next weekend, or failing that, the first leg of the Champions League quarter-finals against Villarreal.

In a recent interview with Bayern’s web site, Davies provided an update on his recovery and how he’s feeling. “I’m happy to be back at Säbener Straße. The rehab is going well so far. I have no problems with my muscles and heart, but I’m not at 100 per cent – yet! I’m just happy that I can train again and I’m ready for work,” Bayern’s proclaimed “Roadrunner” delightedly explained.

For a young, pacey player like Davies, one of the hardest parts for him during the recovery and comeback process has been not coming back too fast and overdoing it. He’s closely monitored by Bayern’s physios, fitness professionals, and medical personnel to ensure nothing flares up as a result of overstressing the heart and other muscles too quickly. Despite having to hold back from what he’s otherwise used to at Sabener Strasse, he is enjoying being back on the pitch and can’t wait to rejoin his teammates. “I’m giving it my all. I’m working closely with the medical department and the rehab staff. And I’m training very, very hard with and without the ball. Lots of running, strength training. I hope I can soon be back helping the team,” he said.

FC Bayern München - Training Session

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Davies has had to kill a lot of time on his own during the past couple of months when he wasn’t able to train, so there’s different things Davies said he got into to keep himself busy and away from the boredom. “The last four-to-eight weeks were very boring, and tough mentally. I’ve done a lot of music in my studio, check it out. My family was here for a long time and I’ve visited my girlfriend in Paris once or twice. And otherwise, waiting, waiting, waiting,” he explained when he was asked what he’s been up to during that period.


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