Aprch Beverage Co. Refreshes CBD Sparkling Water Can Design

Aprch Beverage Co. Refreshes CBD Sparkling Water Can Design

PORTLAND, Oregon- Aprch Beverage Co, maker of wellness beverages, has refreshed its can design of Aprch CBD Sparkling Water.

Aprch is proud to introduce a simple and classy redesign to Aprch CBD Sparkling Water cans. In collaboration with design partner Wilde & Co, the updated label artwork brings branding to the forefront and features a simple and intuitive fluid dynamic that will differentiate Aprch cans amongst others on the shelf.

As a result of this collaborative process, the new can design will house Aprch’s CBD Sparkling Water flavors Watermelon, Mint+Cucumber, Cherry+Lime, Lemon+Lime and the newest release, Blackberry. The Artist Series cans will also get a similar refresh while maintaining true to the artist’s original artwork.

As part of the new redesign the label will shine a brighter spotlight on Aprch’s key ingredient, broad spectrum hemp extract, and in an effort to stay ahead of state regulations and the ever-changing CBD beverage market, Aprch has adjusted its dosage of broad spectrum hemp extract from 30mg per serving to 25mg per serving.

Aprch’s new CBD Sparkling Water cans will be available on retail shelves in the upcoming weeks.

For more information about Aprch Beverage Company and its growing distribution footprint or for sales inquiries contact sales@drinkaprch.com.

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