Walmart To Begin Selling Kona Gold CBD Functional Beverages

Walmart To Begin Selling Kona Gold CBD Functional Beverages

Photograph courtesy of Kona Gold Beverage Inc.

Melbourne, Fla.-based Kona Gold Beverage Inc., a holding company focused on product development in the better-for-you and hemp and CBD functional beverage sector, announced its Ooh La Lemin Lemonades will be sold in Walmart brick-and-mortar stores.

Kona Gold Beverage’s 16-ounce Ooh La Lemin Lemonades, available in four flavors, will be included in modular sets in all stores with 12 foot or wider coolers in select states starting in June 2022, the company said in a March 7 statement. The company said it will determine which states as it gets closer to launch and that the four flavors of Ooh La Lemin will be in Walmart’s system nationwide.

Noting this as a step forward for the brand nationally, the company said its products are currently sold in popular grocery retailers such as Wawa, Plaid Pantry, Piggly Wiggly, Coborn’s, Hy-Vee and others. The company said it is currently in talks with several other national retailers to carry its Ooh La Lemin Lemonades and will update shareholders as those come to fruition.

“I am very excited to be announcing to our shareholders that our Ooh La Lemin Lemonades will be available in Walmart stores around the country starting in June,” said Robert Clark, CEO of Kona Gold Beverage, in a statement. “This is a huge step for Kona Gold Beverage and a testament to how hard our team has been working in building our brands.”

The company also launched its all-new Sparkling Ooh La Lemin Lemonades at the 2022 SE Petro Show in Myrtle Beach, S.C. The company said as an all-natural beverage, it creates opportunities for the company to approach health-conscience grocery chains. 

On March 8, the hemp and CBD functional beverage company, said it beat its February revenue projections. The company said it forecasted $325,000 in revenue for February and closed out the month with approximately $345,000 in revenue between its two subsidiaries, Kona Gold LLC and Gold Leaf Distribution LLC. Kona Gold Beverage is on track to having its first quarter with one million plus in revenue, the company said in a statement.

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