These 40 fitness products under $35 work really, really well

These 40 fitness products under  work really, really well

I’ve always struggled to keep a consistent workout routine. It wasn’t really an issue until I started working from home, when I realized that living a sedentary lifestyle wasn’t doing any favors for my physical or mental health.

Recently, I read a crude nugget of wisdom from a viral Twitter post: “Anything worth doing is worth half-assing.” It stuck with me — doing something to get my body moving was better than doing nothing. It could be as simple as going on an afternoon walk with ankle weights on or unrolling my yoga mat and following a YouTube video. Literally any effort counts.

Maybe you’re like me, experimenting with different types of exercise to figure out what makes you feel good. Or maybe you’ve got a solid routine, and you’re looking to mix it up. Either way, there’s no need to spend thousands on a treadmill or sell your soul for a gym membership. These 40 fitness items are all under $35 – and they really, truly work. Just look at this adjustable kettlebell that you can add or subtract weight from, or this balance disc for strengthening your core from your desk. Read through to find some of the best inexpensive fitness items and accessories to help you get a little more active and be your best possible self, inside and out.


This spring resistance device that can improve your grip strength

This grip strength trainer is great for physical therapy, working your forearms, and even stress management. If you’ve experienced hand or wrist injuries, or if you spend your entire day typing at a computer, you’ll quickly notice a difference with this device, which you can use in a variety of different ways. Adjust the resistance from 11 pounds up to 132 pounds as you get stronger.


A convenient zip-up belt that holds your stuff on a run or hike

Keep your cards, phone, and keys close while you’re on a run, packed up conveniently in this zip-up running belt. The pockets are spacious enough for all your necessities, but this belt is slim enough that it won’t get in the way while you work out. It’s made from moisture-wicking neoprene with a convenient headphone hole and reflective material for safety — what more could you ask for?


This wobble cushion that improves your core strength while you sit

We all probably wish we could squeeze in a workout in the office — and by adding this Gaiam balance disc to your desk chair, you actually can. The instability of sitting on the 16 inch disc will help you improve your posture and strengthen your core and back, and you can also use it as an accessory for strength and balancing exercises. Start with short sessions and work your way up. You’re probably getting more of a core workout than you realize just by sitting on it for a few minutes!


A deck of exercise cards with easy-to-follow movements

If building your workout is getting in the way of, well, working out, try using these fitness cards to plan it out visually. There are 17 different decks for yoga, Pilates, strength training, and more. Some require other equipment, but many don’t, and each deck has 50 to 70 cards with different movements, poses, and exercises that you can mix and match. Lay them out to create your own flow so you can spend your time actually exercising instead of getting overwhelmed about what to do next.


These resistance bands that have over 74,000 rave five-star reviews

Over 74,000 reviewers have given these resistance loop exercise bands a five-star rating. These bands, which come in a pack of five in increasing resistance levels, are easy to integrate into your existing workout regimen, especially with the help of the included instruction pamphlet. Made from high quality latex, these small-but-mighty bands can offer up to a whopping 74 pounds of resistance.


This portable Pilates ring that you can use with your arms & legs

This 12-inch Pilates ring is probably one of the most versatile pieces of workout gear to help subtly tone your muscles. It’s a couple inches smaller than most widely-used rings, which makes it easy to take with you to the gym or park, and is made from durable fiberglass that won’t crack and nonstick, sweat-resistant foam pads. “This ring gives such good resistance that you can do many less reps and get better results,” one reviewer wrote. “You can work every part of your body. It’s amazing!!!”


The only shaker bottle that you’ll ever need

The BlenderBottle classic shaker bottle is a fan favorite. Over 45,000 Amazon customers have given it a five-star rating, and it has 4.7 stars overall. “I use a shaker bottle nearly every day and BlenderBottle shakers are among the best I have tried,” one wrote. “The [wire whisk] does a great job of mixing up your drink, the bottle feels solid and secure when shaking, it is comfortable to hold and the spout is a good size for drinking out of.” It has a 28-ounce capacity with pre-marked measurements, and comes with their patented stainless steel wire whisk, a wide mouth opening, and a screw-on, leak-proof lid for easy, efficient mixing.


These highly-rated camping towels that are also perfect for sweat

Whether you’re a fan of hot yoga or long hikes, you’ll want to keep these camping towels in your bag. The two-pack of compact towels are super absorbent and pack down tightly into the included carrying bag, making them an easy on-the-go option. These beloved towels boast a whopping 4.8-star rating on Amazon because people love how compact, soft, and well-made they are.


These bars that make push ups easier on your wrists

Some find that while they have the muscle for push ups, the alignment is tough on their joints. This set of push up bars reduce the strain on your wrists, with anti-slip handles and a heavy duty base that won’t move around on you. They even rotate to take advantage of your full range of motion, and are easy to just toss in your gym bag.


These ankle compression socks that are so soft

Once you start wearing these ankle compression socks on runs, you’ll never want to wear anything else. They have a snug fit, with just the right amount of supportive compression for performance. Reinforced shock-absorbing toe and heel cushions, along with moisture-wicking lycra fabric, will keep you comfortable and allow you to hit your best time yet.


This foam roller that helps soothe sore muscles and all-over tension

After a particularly tough session, use this high density foam roller to relieve tension throughout your body. This 18-inch roller is longer than your average foam roller, and comes with a free workout guide so you can use this to stretch but also workout from head to toe. In addition to being a fitness tool, this is also a great product for those with chronic pain — I actually love using a foam roller to stretch out my back after a long day of sitting at my desk.


These portable sliders that help strengthen your core during floor workouts

Target your core with this two-pack of double-sided sliders. They’re a simple way to up the difficulty of any low-impact, full body workout — place them under your hands while doing push ups or planks, or use them under your feet during squats, lunges, or bridges. The best part is that these sliders weigh less than half a pound and work on hard surfaces as well as carpet, so you can truly take them anywhere.


A curved mat that supports your back during ab workouts

Toning your core doesn’t have to mean putting additional stress on your back. This ab mat mimics the natural curve of your lower back, reducing the amount of strain on your lumbar region during ab, oblique, and lower back workouts. You’ll experience less pain with more targeted results. Like the best gym equipment, this ab mat is super compact and easy to bring with you wherever you like to work out.


A gym-friendly water bottle that really goes above and beyond

There are so many convenient features packed into this sports water bottle, it’s hard to decide which are best. It holds 18 ounces of water, with pre-marked measurements on the side so you can track your H2O intake. This bottle also has a flip top, leak-proof lid for convenient slipping while you sweat. There’s a wrist strap, and it’s even made from 100% non-toxic, BPA-free plastic — oh, and it’s dishwasher safe too. Seriously, this bottle has everything.


An extra-thick exercise mat that’s good for any floor workouts

This exercise mat is made from 1/2-inch thick water-resistant foam, and it’ll support you as you do sit ups, sun salutations, or any other floor exercise. It comes with carrying straps for easy storage and transportation, and wipes clean in seconds to keep it fresh after a tough workout. A true essential for home workouts, this reliable mat has a 4.6-star rating on Amazon.


This color coordinated dumbbell set that has a 4.8-star rating

You simply can’t go wrong keeping this set of dumbbells around. The set of six (three pairs) are coated in neoprene, which helps with a comfortable, nonstick grip. The color coordinated weights also are complete with a storage stand to keep them organized and away when you’re not using them. A best-seller on Amazon, these dumbbells have over 49,000 five-star reviews and a 4.8-star rating overall for their durability and affordability.


These quick drying workout headbands that stay in place

This pack of quick-drying headbands are a workout necessity for all. They’re unisex, made from a thin, lightweight material that traps sweat and helps keep you dry even during the most intense workouts. They even have a grip strap so they stay in place, no awkward readjusting necessary.


These squat-friendly resistance bands that reviewers love

Up your squat game with the help of these booty resistance bands. The set of three bands that come in light, medium, and strong resistance levels act as thigh toners, glute activators, and more during full body workouts. “These are so comfortable and so durable and they don’t pinch or fall out of place while trying to complete a workout,” one of the 20,000 five-star reviewers wrote.


A 2-pack of supportive foam yoga blocks with a comfortable grip

These yoga blocks will quickly become an essential part of your practice. Unlike some other yoga blocks, these have a cut edge which help with comfortable grip in a variety of poses. Made from high-density EVA foam that’s supportive but soft to the touch, these blocks can be used at any height to help you modify certain poses, get a better balance, or achieve a deeper stretch.


This unique tool that helps you tone your muscles from head to toe

This thigh master is one of the most versatile pieces of gym equipment you can have at home. Two curved pieces of plush foam-covered PVC are connected by a steel spring, and can be used in tons of ways to tone and shape various muscles — not just your thighs. And best of all — it’s easy to use passively while you’re sitting at your desk or watching TV so you can tone your arms, legs, chest, and back while multitasking.


These adjustable ankle weights with a breathable cotton strap

These adjustable ankle weights are an effective way to up the difficulty of your typical workouts, and they’ll strengthen your joints in the process. Available in 2-, 3-, and 5-pound sizes, you simply use the hook and loop closure to place these soft, breathable cotton weights on your ankles or wrists, and add or subtract weight in small increments until you’re satisfied with the challenge. Then head out on a walk, follow a workout video, or take a Pilates class.


This hydration backpack that keeps your water close & convenient

Though there are six compartments to store and organize everything you might need in this insulated hydration backpack, the star of the show is the 1.8 liter bladder that keeps your water fresh and handy for hours. The high-flow mouthpiece is equipped with a dust cap to keep it sanitary, as well as an on/off valve to prevent leaking while you’re on the go. Beyond those handy features, this backpack is extremely comfortable with breatable, adjustable straps and an additional chest strap for extra support.


An interlocking exercise mat that is easy to store

Short on space? This puzzle piece exercise mat is 1/2 inch thick, and provides you with a comfortable space to work out, but it completely disassembles when you’re done. Each tile measures 24-by-24 inches, and you can interlock as many or as few of the six tiles and 12 end pieces as you want to create the non-slip cushioning you need for almost any kind of workout.


These Under Armour shorts that dry much faster than other brands

These Under Armour tech graphic shorts have a quick-drying fabric that’s cut loosely for comfort, with plenty of stretch to withstand vigorous activity. They are made from a super soft polyester fabric that dries quicker than other brands, leaving your skin comfortable and able to breathe as you workout (or lounge, no judgment).

  • Available sizes: X-Small – 5X-Large
  • Available styles: 50


This affordable fitness tracker watch with tons of features

Wearing this activity tracker watch will help you keep an eye on your activity levels and assist you with meeting your fitness goals. It monitors your heart rate, step count, time spent being active, and even your quality of sleep — giving you a holistic picture of your wellness. This waterproof tracker is way more affordable than some alternatives on the market, and the battery lasts for five to 10 days after just an hour or two of charging.


A nonslip exercise ball with all the workout potential in the world

There are so many ways to use this exercise ball, so you’ll love having it around the house. Try removing your desk chair and replacing it with the ball to keep active while working, or sit or lay on top of it while doing pilate workouts or weight lifting to increase the challenge. The anti-burst ball can hold up to 600 pounds, and is coated in a non-slip glaze for safety. It comes in several sizes from 45 to 85 centimeters, and there’s a handy size guide to figure out which will work best for you.


A 3-pack of cute sports bras that offer plenty of support

This pack of high impact sports bras come in a classic racerback cut, with lots of support and full coverage for intense workouts. These nylon bras are moisture-wicking with plenty of stretch, and they even have a keyhole cutout at the back to make them even more breathable — and a little cute.

  • Available sizes: Small – 3X-Large
  • Available styles: 14


A well-made jump rope that’s great for quick cardio workouts

Jumping rope is an easy way to improve your stamina and get some cardio exercise in, and this best-selling skipping rope is perfect for the job. With ball bearings to prevent the rope from twisting and ergonomic memory foam grips, this jump rope is durable and high quality, which is why it has 32,000 five-star reviews on Amazon. Adjust the length as needed, up to 9 feet long, and you’ll be sweating it out in no time.


A multi-use pull up bar that’s easy to install

This multi-grip doorway pull up bar is a great addition to any home gym. The portable design fits any standard doorway, is easy to install, and supports up to 300 pounds. It has three grip positions that are ideal for pull ups, chin ups, or hanging crunches in a doorway, but this bar has uses beyond the door. You can take it down and use it as a push up and plank accessory.


This agility ladder that can help with coordination

Think you’re light on your feet? Put it to the test with this agility ladder. The adjustable nylon ladder comes with its own carrying bag, and is a great way to cross train for tons of different sports. Plus, through this ladder (available with eight, 12, or 20 rungs) will help people of all ages increase their speed and motor skills, improve balance and coordination, and build core strength.


This convenient phone holder that’s perfect for runners

One of the biggest modern questions for runners is: Where do I put my phone? This running phone holder armband is the answer. It has three different sizes that can fit nearly all smartphones, even those in a thick case, and the stretchable strap fits snugly but not too tight on your upper arm. The band itself is made of lightweight, sweat-resistant lycra, and the clear touchscreen keeps your phone safe from water damage yet completely usable on the go.


This simple set that can recreate a Pilates studio in your home

This Pilates bar kit has everything you need to recreate your favorite fitness classes at home. It comes with two super strong latex resistance bands and a three-section bar — and you’ll find that this magic combo is enough for a intense full body workout. You can easily disassemble the bar for compact storage, meaning that this kit is small space and travel friendly.


An ab wheel that can tone and strengthen your core

This portable ab roller wheel is one of the most efficient ways to strengthen your core anywhere, and it comes with a mat to support your knees. The stainless steel shaft running through the center of the wheel can support up to 440 pounds, but the cotton-coated grips are easy on your hands. This wheel is stable and suitable for beginners and beyond, which is why it has a 4.6-star rating on Amazon.


These buttery soft leggings with incredible stretching power & pockets

Everyone needs a pair of reliable workout leggings with pockets, and that’s exactly what these high waisted leggings have to offer. The polyester blend fabric is snug, soft and supportive, and according to reviewers, these are equally good for yoga and squats. “The stretch in these leggings is nothing like I’ve ever seen,” one customer wrote. “They hold perfectly but they’re not tight, they stretch but they are not see through at all !”


A complete set of resistance bands with all the accessories you need

Take your workouts to the next level with this set of resistance bands. It comes with a range of tension levels for beginners and pros alike made from extra thick, durable silicone, as well as detachable handles, a door anchor, a workout guide, and a waterproof carrying bag to take these with you wherever you go. This complete set is a total bargain, so it’s no wonder why it has over 11,000 five-star reviews on Amazon.


A simple step counter that helps track your daily activity

Sometimes the old school things work the best, and this simple step counter doesn’t require Bluetooth, smartphones, or downloads to work. It has a large screen display with multiple wearing options. Clip the lightweight pedometer onto your pocket or hip, wear it on a lanyard, or place it in your bag to keep track of your steps everywhere you go.


This spring-loaded wrist & forearm strengthener with cushiony pads

Whether you’re fond of swinging a bat or climbing a rock face, this wrist strengthener will improve your game. It targets the wrists, fingers, and forearms, made from a heavy duty carbon steel spring with cushioned foam pads to grip onto. You’ll see increased strength, power, and speed from regular use, and you can adjust the tension as needed for more of a challenge.


A weighted hula hoop that makes cardio fun again

This weighted hoola hoop turns your favorite playground activity into a cardio workout. Using this 2 pound hoop can strengthen your core and back and improve your coordination — and you’ll have fun while doing it. It can be assembled in three different seamless sizes depending on your skill level, and is coated in foam padding to prevent injuries.


These fun foam dice that decide your workout for you

Don’t let decision fatigue get the best of your workout. These six-sided dice are a fun way to mix up your routine: Roll the yellow cubes to determine which of the 18 HIIT movements you should do, like push ups, crunches, or jumping jacks, and the green cube to determine the number of reps or amount of time. They’re a fun way to shake up your everyday workout and just might get you doing something you wouldn’t have otherwise tried.


This easy-to-grip kettlebell with adjustable weights

If you’re an apartment dweller and don’t have space for a full set of weights, this adjustable kettlebell weight was made for you. Detach the weights at the bottom to take it from 5 up to 12 pounds, and use it for full-body strength workouts. This kettleball comes with a wide grip and flat bottom that’s great for a variety of exercises, including floor work.

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