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The Copenhagen Post – Danish News in English

CBD, next to THC, is the second most popular hemp-derived compound. We get CBD by extracting it from hemp and cannabis plants, the same goes for THC, but THC and CBD differ significantly, even though they are obtained by the same methods and from the same plants.

Namely, THC is the compound that provides users with an intense state of being “high,” whereas CBD gives a much more mild effect. CBD comes in an incredible array of products, and you can use it in its oil form as well, e.g., Nordic Oil CBD, and in other forms such as tinctures, gummies, tea, etc.

But regardless of which form of CBD you opt for, you’ll get the same effects on your body and mind from CBD. Though CBD and THC differ only in a handful of atomic bonds, their effects are far more different after consumption. Now, let’s see why CBD is growing in popularity and its potential health benefits.      

List of the primary potential health benefits and reasons why more and more people use CBD
Here’s a list of the top three potential health benefits of CBD responsible for its rapid expansion on the market:

  1. Covid-19 prevention and health-issue alleviation

According to some studies, CBD can help prevent the Covid-19 virus after several experiments on animals. Besides Covid-19 prevention, numerous researches have signaled that CBD can help alleviate pain, inflammation, depression, and anxiety. Numerous satisfied CBD users have reported sleep improvement and increased appetite in anorexia cases. Read below to see how CBD can evoke such health-issue alleviations. 

  1. Lesser intensity than THC 

As mentioned in the introduction, THC and CBD chemically differ only in a handful of atomic bonds, but their effects on the human body are far more different. THC is much more potent than CBD and can create a long-lasting state of “high,” which can sometimes even lead to paranoia. On the other hand, CBD is much milder, and you shouldn’t expect any harmful side effects from its consumption.   

  1. Numerous different products

The variety of products laced with CBD you can choose from is wide. If you prefer inhaling, you can choose to vape CBD. On the other hand, if you don’t like the process of inhaling, you can choose between CBD tinctures, CBD oil, and CBD gummies. Tinctures are consumed by placing a few drops of liquid from the tincture under the tongue and waiting for the effects to kick in. As the name suggests, CBD gummies are like gummy bears that you consume like any other candy. They’re convenient for consumption, and you can carry them around in your pocket.   


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