The Brothers Apothecary and CBD Superfood Infusions

The Brothers Apothecary and CBD Superfood Infusions

The Brothers Apothecary and CBD Superfood Infusions

Grassroots Marketing with Jesse Richardson (CEO) and Shane Richardson (COO) from The Brothers Apothecary about their line CBD superfood infusions.

The Brothers Apothecary is a wellness company that specializes in CBD superfood infusions. My brother Shane and I started the company in 2016, and we’ve grown from just a few items to a full catalog of organic CBD teas, adaptogenic cocoas, herbal capsules, and infused honeys, all of which can be found in hundreds of stores worldwide. Just recently, we opened a wellness cafe in Portland, Oregon where we serve all of this in a botanical coffee shop style.

Shane Richardson has spent over 8 years working and managing cannabis businesses, and was one of the first CA residents to make use of Prop 215. He is a trained cannabis sommelier, with a wide knowledge of the endocannabinoid system and terpene profiles. Shane spearheads production quality & grassroots sales distribution at The Brothers.

Jesse Richardson has spent over 10 years pioneering new e-commerce systems. He’s founded over a ½ dozen companies with 7-figure run rates and has led teams of over 60 employees. Past partners have included Robert Earl, Reese Witherspoon, Amber Rose, Alexis Ren & many others. He currently studies Plant Based Medicine at Cornell University and is the chief formulator at The Brothers.

They’re excited to share a marketing goal for 4/20 this year: we’re aiming to plant 42,000 trees through Trees for the Future (a regenerative agriculture + social capital planting model). We’ll do this by pledging a portion of every purchase (every order plants 10 trees) + giving customers the chance to “Add Trees” to their carts on our website. Folks can also expect some awesome 4/20 deals and exclusives, so they’ll want to head to our website and join our newsletter ? This kicks off on 3/20.

Since 2011, they’ve planted over 100,000 trees while raising support for clean water initiatives, indigenous & communities of color, and investments in veteran organizations. Currently, I work directly with @PortlandsPantry, one of the fastest growing food pantries in the state of Oregon, located in the Lents neighborhood of SE Portland. Here, I’ve implemented box-building style technology to expand touchless food pick-up and delivery. This system now helps serve nearly 50,000 people per year, and has been utilized across Oregon by Oregon Food Bank, DHS, and additional pantries.

The Brothers Apothecary distributes 60+ SKUs to over 400 stores nationally. The Brothers have been recognized as a top CBD company by publications like Dope Magazine, PopSugar and Newsweek.

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