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Sisters of the Valley Reach One Thousand Trustpilot Reviews

Sisters of the Valley Reach One Thousand Trustpilot Reviews


Merced, California, March 03, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Today the Sisters of the Valley reached their one thousandth review on trustpilot.

When the pandemic happened and sales dropped considerably and the Sisters were able to obtain a loan from the Small Business Administration, they used the funds to re-engineer their store for search engine optimization, outsourced customer service to a dedicated Canadian team (so the ever-shrinking home team could focus on medicine-making and farming), outsourced shipping (to compete with Amazon in regard to immediate fulfillment) and outsourced the process of managing customer reviews to trustpilot.

The net result of all those changes is that twenty-two months later, the Sisters receive approximately seventy-five reviews per month and are consistently ranked at 4.9 out of 5 stars.

“Trustpilot is a powerful tool for the business and for the consumers.  We have used it ourselves to settle a situation where we were owed over $45,000 for over a year and couldn’t get the credit card company to listen.  Once we put our review on trustpilot, the matter was settled in weeks.”  Sister Kate explains.

The Sisters rely on trustpilot and watch their reviews closely.  “A bad review sends everyone spinning and that’s as it should be,” Sister Kate added.

A summary of the past two months’ worth of trustpilot data show what is behind the 4.9 ranking.   The analysis (see chart attached) shows that 25% of the responses are about satisfaction with service, speed of shipping, trouble resolution.  Nearly that many (24.7%) of the reviews simply report satisfaction with the products (in general). 

Nearly a quarter of the reviewers (23%) report success with using the Sisters’ CBD products to deal with pain relief and the remaining respondents reported on the following subjects:

  • CBD salve used to heal skin problems
  • the mushroom coffee as a successful mood-stabilizer
  • CBD oils and tinctures helping mitigate anxiety and sleeplessness
  • CBD products successfully replacing or reducing pharmaceuticals
  • CBD products mitigating symptoms from cancer treatment
  • CBD products reducing the pain from or eliminating headaches
  • CBD products healing pets

 There was only one bad review and that was from a regular customer who had trouble using the coupon.

 This quarter marks the beginning of the Sisters of the Valley’s eighth year of operations, and though they consider themselves to be humble farm women, they also take their business and their customers very seriously.



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