Home CBD Sentient Brands’ Valuation Triples With Entrance Into Multi-Billion Dollar CBD-Infused Luxury Skincare Markets (OTC Pink: SNBH) – Digital Journal

Sentient Brands’ Valuation Triples With Entrance Into Multi-Billion Dollar CBD-Infused Luxury Skincare Markets (OTC Pink: SNBH) – Digital Journal

Sentient Brands’ Valuation Triples With Entrance Into Multi-Billion Dollar CBD-Infused Luxury Skincare Markets (OTC Pink: SNBH) – Digital Journal


Sentient Brands' Valuation Triples With Entrance Into Multi-Billion Dollar CBD-Infused Luxury Skincare Markets (OTC Pink: SNBH)

Investors keeping an eye on the booming cannabis and skincare markets should target Sentient Brands (OTC: SNBH) as a potential up-and-coming industry leader. Founded on decades of high-caliber leadership and marketing experience, Sentient Brands is a direct-to-consumer brand cultivation powerhouse with its sights set on capturing its own corner of the cannabis and beauty industries. This mission is backed not only by the impressive experience Sentient Brands brings to the table, but also from its valuation history.

In the past two quarters, Sentient Brand’s valuation has more than tripled, and shows no indication of stopping at its current $0.50 level. As a matter of fact, SNBH has done a notable job of navigating notoriously harsh market conditions in recent quarters and shows promise to return to an all-time-high valuation of $3.15 following a quarter of ambitious product rollouts and announcements. Indeed, the projects Sentient Brands has in the works marks the company as an opportunity worth exploring sooner rather than later.

Bringing Luxury Sensibilities to the Booming CBD Infused Skincare Market

Sentient Brands boasts more than two decades of experience in marketing and brand development for high-end luxury brands. In fact, members of the company’s leadership team were not only integral to the launches of several highly successful luxury product lines from Tommy Hilfiger and Hugo Boss, but were also involved in the development and operation of fashion and skincare giants Versace, Victoria’s Secret, and Bath and Body Works. What this amounts to is a team that truly understands the markets surrounding luxury lifestyle products – and how to capitalize on these markets to usher in tremendous value for investors.

Indeed, it seems there is no team more qualified to break into the expanding cannabis and skincare markets. Sentient Brands is working to their strengths with the recent announcement of their Oeuvre CBD and gemstone infused skincare product line. SNBH has their sights set on leveraging their extensive industry connections and development experience to carve out a niche for Oeuvre skincare products that no competition can fill. And as it turns out, this market may end up generating significant revenue for Sentient Brands sooner than imagined.

Breaking Into Forecasted Multi-Billion Dollar Industries

Not only does Sentient Brands bring the right experience to the table, but market analysis also indicates that now is the perfect time to capture SNBH’s niche with Oeuvre skincare products. In fact, projections indicate that the CBD infused skincare industry is entering an extremely transformative period, with valuation estimates reaching $3.4 billion by 2026. Not only is that tremendous growth, but experts also expect a compound annual growth rate of almost 25% for the industry overall. Even more promising, the e-commerce corner of the market is expected to deliver an even higher growth rate, with estimates placing the rate at about 27.4% during the forecast period.

Keep in mind that these figures are to be compared with an estimated $633.6 million valuation of the CBD infused skincare market from 2018. This growth rate is staggering, and shows no indication of stopping, or even slowing, at present. Indeed, firms that are getting in on the ground floor could see enormous revenues and opportunities for growth as a result.

Not only is the CBD infused skincare market experiencing a boom in valuation, but the luxury beauty product market is also continuing to offer substantial revenues to the firms who can compete within its space. Luckily, this is where Sentient Brands can leverage its industry connections and experience to help navigate the $6.5 billion industry and come out profitable and growth oriented. Operating at a crossroads between the exploding CBD infused skincare products market and the highly profitable luxury beauty products market, Sentient Brands appears to be perfectly positioned to capitalize on present and future demands with products designed to resonate with consumers surrounding the luxury lifestyle market.

Marketing Toward a New School of Consumers

Ultimately, Sentient Brands’ mission is dependent on developing brands that resonate with an audience of engaged consumers. The company’s vision is not entrenched in the marketing landscape of the past; on the contrary, SNBH’s leadership is utilizing cutting-edge, data-driven marketing techniques to build reputation and branding. Social media marketing is at the forefront of beauty product promotion, and Sentient Brands is capitalizing on this strategy with Oeuvre.

According to an announcement made in December, the company launched a campaign late last year that initiated relationships with popular social media influencers on Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest. In addition to promotion from luxury lifestyle influencers, the company invested in advertising on the platforms that would target potential consumers and build the brand’s reputation of high-end, sustainable products. Sentient Brands aims to leverage these marketing strategies to differentiate Oeuvre from the crowd of indistinguishable skincare brands.

This marketing strategy is not only tried and true across the industry, but also supported by a robust backend of analytics. Sentient Brands has carefully laid down the framework for a for a continually successful marketing campaign by utilizing the tracking of consumer engagement from its promotion investments, allowing the company to adjust and optimize its strategy at a moment’s notice. With an impressive track record launching product lines and access to a powerful array of digital tools, Sentient Brands appears to have positioned itself to corner the luxury CBD infused skincare product market and capitalize on its demands, creating opportunities for growth and major value for investors.

Appealing to a Principled Market

As consumers shift their attention toward sustainable, healthy, and responsibly produced goods, Sentient Brands is paying special attention to the public perception of their brand’s principles. Oeuvre’s skincare products are free of toxins, irritants, and other objectionable additives like sulfates and petroleum. Additionally, their production processes are vegan and cruelty-free. As a matter of fact, it is Sentient Brands’ mission to rise above and beyond these standards by ethically and responsibly sourcing all of its skincare components in order to satisfy demand for sustainable and ethical products. Especially as this demand eclipses that of the typical skincare products of the past, Sentient Brands has looked ahead to set itself up for future market conditions.

This strategy is especially powerful when paired with Oeuvre’s social media campaigns. The company’s goal is to produce a line of products that define high-end CBD infused skincare, and Sentient Brands has engineered their products specifically to appeal to the markets that will be most resonant with this message. What this means to investors is that, in a market where many skincare brands are either low quality, unsustainable, or weakly branded, Sentient Brands’ venture into the CBD infused skincare market shows tremendous promise to become a big name among consumers.

A Beautiful Proposition

On the face of it, Sentient Brands seems to be in the perfect place to build brands that capture the attention of consumer, and along with them, the markets they engage with. The company’s leadership team has an extensive track record of successful brand and product line launches, many of which were with companies that hold significant international appeal. With sales opened to North and South America and a global expansion in the works, Oeuvre, Sentient Brands’ luxury CBD infused skincare product line, already seems set up to deliver on its mission to grow and generate value for investors.

The company has also chosen a market that is not only well-suited to its luxury lifestyle market connections and expertise, but is also exhibiting tremendous growth. In fact, Sentient Brands aims to penetrate perhaps the perfect overlap of these markets for its repertoire – the luxury beauty product market, which is valued at $6.5 billion, and the CBD infused skincare market, which is projected to explode to $3.4 billion by 2026. A successful navigation of these highly valued markets could mean not only tremendous growth prospects for the company, but significant returns to investors as well.

It is clear that Sentient Brands has expertly fine-tuned its strategy to modern markets by utilizing specialized social media marketing tools to expand the reputation of its products. Not only do these marketing strategies speak to their own effectiveness, but Sentient Brands also maintains control over its promotional campaigns with a robust architecture of digital tools that allow the company to determine the best routes to engage with their consumers and redirect resources toward them in real time.

Sentient Brands specializes in tuning in to the consumers’ preferences and values to craft brands that will not only appeal to them by way of their products, but also resonate with them through their philosophy and their mission. With an upward-trending valuation and one brand already poised to capitalize on an expanding market, Sentient Brands seems well-equipped to leverage this expertise to create extremely promising brands. And, if the reputation of the core team is any indication, these brands may very well bring significant opportunities for growth to the company and even more significant returns to investors.


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