RNM and police ‘clean up’ Sheppie CBD – South Coast Herald

RNM and police ‘clean up’ Sheppie CBD – South Coast Herald

A Central Business District (CBD) is where businesses should thrive and prosper, however Port Shepstone CBD has fallen into neglect.

For many years the town has been plagued by lack of care and the law disregarded.

The distribution and use of drugs took hold, which led to increasing levels of crime. The harassment of members of the public at home affairs and the motor licensing centre became problematic, along with parking issues and reckless driving.

Taking the above into account, Port Shepstone Saps with Ray Nkonyeni Municipality and Law Enforcement have begun to conduct systematic operations to combat this scourge and bring some relief to the CBD.

The re-construction of Nelson Mandela Drive, Port Shepstone will have a positive impact on the CBD. 7690SN

Nomusa Zulu, communications officer at Ray Nkonyeni Municipality said that due to an increase in reported cases of theft out of cars, robbery, drug dealing, traffic infringements and general lawlessness in the Port Shepstone CBD, the municipality’s Law Enforcement with the police have begun operations to combat crime in the town.

“The municipality remains committed to return the CBD to a safe and secure space for both residents and visitors.”



Law Enforcement officer, Superintendent S’fiso Ngcaku also cautioned the public on buying items off the street. One such item was a fake cellphone which only contains a number of screens. It doesn’t work and the buyer is left with four or five cellphone screens and a cover. Unfortunately the suspect dropped the fake item and fled on seeing the officers.

Police spokesperson, Captain Petros Mpinge said police have embarked on initiatives to reduce crime in the CBD and create a safer shopping experience for residents.

“Operation CBD Clean-up began on May 13 and many street dwellers were brought to Saps for profiling. At least two people were arrested as they were wanted for robbery and possession of drugs. Some 82 people aged between 22 and 50 years of age were questioned and profiled. Many were taken back to the Eastern Cape, Harding and Durban, areas where they come from,” said Capt Mpinge.

Ugu District Commissioner Major General Sethenya Nxamagele was pleased with the initiative and confirmed that this will be a ongoing drive in an effort to reclaim the town of Port Shepstone. She urged the community to join hands in the fight against criminality and to discourage the street dwellers from loitering near their businesses and vehicles.

Senior Law Enforcement officer at Ray Nkonyeni Municipality, Superintendent S’fiso Ngcaku holds a fake cellphone which is being sold in the Port Shepstone CBD.

The CBD is going through positive changes at present with the re-construction of the main Harding Road and Nelson Mandela Drive. All these will lead to positive spin-offs and will probably see a brighter and safe town for all.


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