Home CBD Premier to meet with mayor, business leaders on plan for Burnie CBD

Premier to meet with mayor, business leaders on plan for Burnie CBD

Premier to meet with mayor, business leaders on plan for Burnie CBD


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Keeping the Burnie court in the CBD would be “a good place to start” when devising a plan on how to revitalise the city, a business leader says. Premier Peter Gutwein said the government would meet with the council and members of the business community following backlash for the decision to build the new Burnie court complex on Mooreville Road. “We recognise there are a wide range of views within the community in relation to the redevelopment of the Burnie Court Complex,” Mr Gutwein said in his state of the state address on Tuesday. “However, what has become very evident is that there is an important need to revitalise the Burnie CBD, regardless of where the court is situated. “I will be meeting with the mayor, council and the business community in coming weeks to actively consider what more can be done and what investment is needed to revitalise the Burnie CBD, including the future use of the current court site.” The plan for the $40 million complex on the former University of Tasmania site was given the green light by the public works committee. Following the release of the committee’s report Mayor Steve Kons called for the state government to invest $20 million to revitalise the CBD to account for the impact of the loss of the court which draws in an estimated 50,000 people each year. Business Northwest president Ian Jones has been calling for the government to meet with him to see a design for an alternative site for the court in the CBD. He said it was a positive step forward. “We are keen to put items and ideas forward,” he said. “When we look at revitalising the CBD we believe keeping the courthouse in the CBD is a good place to start, but there are a lot of other initiatives that we would like to put on the table for discussion.” Deputy Premier Jeremy Rockliff backed the premier’s announcement. “We want to ensure that we take a step back that we work with the community, talk to businesses and the council about how best to invest and revitalise the CBD,” he said. “I recognise there’s a lot of mixed feelings around the Burnie court move and recognise that there is a lot of concern in the Burnie community around the Burnie court move.” Labor Member for Braddon Anita Dow questioned the government’s logic given it had backed moving the university campus to help increase patronage in the CBD. “It is ironic now that they want to move such an important piece of social and economic infrastructure out into the suburbs,” she said.



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