Premier backs considering CBD living to ‘revitalise’ city

Premier backs considering CBD living to ‘revitalise’ city

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Developments that allow people to live in the CBD should be considered in an effort to help activate and revitalise Burnie, Premier Peter Gutwein says. This comes a year after the state planning commission knocked back the Burnie City Council’s request for special permission to use any floors above ground level in the CBD for housing, without providing the two car parks required under the current legislation. Mr Gutwein visited Burnie on Thursday to meet with residents, the council and business leaders about the plan to move the courthouse to Mooreville Road. Mr Gutwein said he believed he had a good understanding of the challenges facing the Burnie CBD. “I think that some mixed use developments in the CBD that actually bring more people to live in the CBD to activate it and revitalise is certainly something that we should be looking at,” he said. “I think for any city livability shop top and residential type apartments in CBDs is now very important. “In large part, the council really does need to determine through its strategic planning processes how it wants its city to look, feel and what sort of activation would be important to it. “I think that when people live in cities, cities activate and importantly, when cities activate that’s good for the retail sector and it’s also very good for the art sector.” Acting Mayor Giovanna Simpson said she believed the timing was now right to pursue inner-city living in Burnie. “The premier needed to come up and see it himself,” she said. “When you are not in the thick of it and living in Burnie it is hard to understand. It takes time to get things going and I think now is the time to inject money into the CBD.” Cr Simpson said she believed the idea should be brought back to the table. “It makes a city comes to life and brings more people into the city,” she said. “For people that don’t have transport it makes sense for people to live and work in the city. “We are completely open to it, there is no question about it. I think it will really help Burnie boom.”


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