Neatfit fitness tracker concept mixes stylish simplicity and practicality – Yanko Design

Neatfit fitness tracker concept mixes stylish simplicity and practicality – Yanko Design

Neatfit fitness tracker concept mixes stylish simplicity and practicality – Yanko Design

Getting into health and fitness should not be complicated. Exercising can be challenging and exhausting, but it can also be fun and energizing. Nearly two years into this pandemic, you have probably started a workout routine. If not, then now is the time to get moving and be active in any way you can.

Deciding to get active is the first step, but starting is another thing. Next, you can probably shop for the right workout clothes so you will be motivated. Then, get a new fitness tracker or smartwatch so you can track your progress. You may also try those numerous health apps available and see what is best for you. If needed, you may even pay for a subscription to have full access to all the features and functions.

Designers: Ivan Shmatko for Aiia International

Neatfit Fitness Tracker Concept

But then you only need the basics like a pedometer, calorie burn calculator, distance tracker, notifications, and reminders to get moving. If you always want to be connected, you can also set alarms for messages, calls, and emails, although we recommend turning them off for an uninterrupted workout.

Neatfit is a concept that is nothing like those fitness trackers you see in the market. While those smartwatches and health trackers are getting more advanced with additional features and premium specs, the Neatfit only offers what most people need. Even when it comes to our health, things should be simple and clutter-free. There is so much noise in the world, and you do not need to be bothered or even pay for features you do not really use.

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The Neatfit is a simple fitness tracker that makes a lasting impression with its sleek design. It is for those few who can appreciate simplicity and a healthy and fit lifestyle. Why the Neatfit when there are more advanced smartwatches? This one boasts a stylish yet minimalistic look, and it can be an elegant wearable device you can also use every day.

Neatfit shows only the information you need with the five hidden LED indicators. They only show up when you check the tracker or when you need to know your progress. Do not be intimated by its fashionable look as it is straightforward to use. It comes with a 3-axis accelerometer, a vibration motor, and a magnetic charger connector. A small 80mAh battery powers the watch and we’re assuming this doesn’t require much power to last.

Neatfit Fitness Tracker Health

The designer behind Neatfit promised an IP96 waterproof level rating. The fitness tracker combines aluminum, TPU, and ABS plastic—resulting in a refined and sophisticated look. The black model looks more like a classy bracelet than a rugged fitness watch. It’s lightweight at only 15g and measures 15.5mm in width. It fits most wrists with 145 to 215 mm in circumference.

1Neatfit Fitness Band Concept

Industrial designer Ivan Shmatko designed this for Aiia International several years ago, but we can still appreciate the simplicity of the design. Overly complex gadgets abound, but you only need what works for you when it comes to health and fitness. So get a simple tracker like the Neatfit, open a compatible app on your smartphone, and start your way to a healthier you.

Neatfit Fitness Tracker Concept Details

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