Nature’s Key Implements Media Sourcery Subsidiary’s Cannabis XChain Solution to Provide Transparency of Quality and Authenticity for Medical Cannabis and CBD Products

Nature’s Key Implements Media Sourcery Subsidiary’s Cannabis XChain Solution to Provide Transparency of Quality and Authenticity for Medical Cannabis and CBD Products

AUSTIN, Texas & OKLAHOMA CITY–()–When a patient takes 100mg of medicine prescribed by a healthcare professional, or when that patient cuts that 100mg in half expecting to take 50mg of that medicine, there is a level of trust that the medicine truly does have what the manufacturer says it has. When a patient uses medical cannabis in a similar fashion, there is a level of trust that the medicine has what the manufacturer says it has. The problem that plagues the medical cannabis industry is the lack of trust and transparency to show the end consumers that the medicine has what the manufacturer says it has. Medical cannabis patients deserve the same assurances that the dosage amounts in the products are accurate.

Today AuthentiLine, a subsidiary of Media Sourcery, Inc., is releasing Cannabis XChain, the platform for providing proof of quality and authenticity for medical cannabis. Built on Media Sourcery’s XChain product, the product used for cold chain tracking of COVID-19 test kits, the solution provides trust and transparency for medical cannabis products by tracking packages and tying lab reports to products. All this information is made visible on the distributed public ledger of a blockchain by simply scanning the package QR code.

When this tracking is combined with the high quality standards of Nature’s Key, a manufacturer in the state of Oklahoma focused on the wellness and medicinal side of cannabis, the benefits to users are obvious.

“Nature’s Key’s primary goal is making consistent, repeatable, and reliable cannabis and Hemp/CBD products for patients who choose an alternative route to modern medicines,” said Nathan Richter, CEO of Nature’s Key. “Our products are used by patients with a variety of conditions including, Chiari malformation, seizures, Epilepsy, chronic pain management, chronic anxiety and depression, Tourette’s, and others. Our products must be of the highest quality to ensure patients using for these types of conditions can trust the medicine will deliver similar experiences each and every time.”

Nature’s Key consistently tests and often times repeatedly tests products to meet its high quality standards. With their implementation of Cannabis XChain, each package of every product has a QR code label that a customer or dispensary can scan to see which lab results pertain to that specific product, where the product has been, and view a record of this information on an immutable distributed public ledger.

“Each distillate or product sample we receive from Nature’s Key has a QR code and label,” said Landon Andrews, Lab Director at Purelabs, an Oklahoma City testing lab. “The delivery person scans it to denote that it was delivered. There are no changes in our process; their system pulls down the completed lab report automatically.”

In addition, the Cannabis XChain mobile app optionally allows dispensary users to select one or more reasons for recommending a particular product when a package is sold. This information will help all parties in the supply chain understand the usages of particular products.

“With this functionality, we can have a record of what products we are suggesting for what reasons, without including PHI,” said Jerry AlMufleh, CEO of SilverLeaf Senior Cannabis.

“One of my best friends, Bob, used medical cannabis for a chronic disease throughout his life,” said Larry Ketchersid, CEO of Media Sourcery. “The high quality of the Nature’s Key manufacturing process, combined with our XChain solution’s transparency and automation, provides the type of assurance that would have made his personal path to wellness easier.”

The Cannabis XChain solution will be on display by Nature’s Key at CannaCon in Oklahoma City March 31 – April 1, 2022. Visit them at booth 703 and see their flagship Battle Buddy product – a doctor-derived proprietary blend of CBD, CBN and other botanicals with which patients report reduced anxiety and mitigated symptoms of PTS (Post Traumatic Stress). Battle Buddy is a friend in your pocket—a product designed to relax an overactive nervous system, temper stress, bring down your blood pressure and balance your nervous system to prevent spiraling out of control.

This solution will be propagated upstream to growers and downstream to patients in the medical cannabis supply chain. Growers can also benefit from Media Sourcery’s regenerative agriculture monitoring and alerting solutions, using its ETA rules engine. This solution will be a topic of a presentation by Mr. Ketchersid and a follow-up panel at the Regenerative Cannabis Live meeting at the United Nations (and live streamed) May 5, 2022

About Media Sourcery, Inc.

Media Sourcery, Inc. is an Austin-based workflow automation and security software and solutions company. In addition to Workflow, Media Sourcery’s products include the ETA (Events-Triggers-Actions) rules engine, X-Chain (supply chain on blockchain), Authorization Service and messaging/notifications. With a patent on non-repudiation, Media Sourcery has an emphasis on security in all their products and solutions, including audit trails (through distributed public ledgers and other means), HIPAA compliance, encryption, and other features. Media Sourcery’s solutions have been deployed to automate supply chains, COVID-19 test registration and results, product orders, patient setup, device/sensor monitoring and alerting and many other processes in healthcare and other verticals. These solutions build a bridge between enterprise and blockchain solutions. For more information, please contact Ashley Sherwood at 1-800-307-0709 x117 or visit

About Nature’s Key

Nature’s Key is an Oklahoma City-based manufacture of cannabis and hemp/CBD edible products. Nature’s Key’s award winning gummies come in a variety of dosages and flavors, contain only 1g of sugar, no FD&C additives and no artificial flavors or colorings. Nature’s Key is also a leader in cannabis patient education. With the stigma surrounding cannabis, Nature’s Key approaches the industry through educating patients and budtenders on how to consume cannabis responsibly to ensure and foster the highest quality of life for the consumer. Nature’s Key helps consumers get well – not get high. From micro-dose, to mix-dose, to mega-dose, Nature’s Key has product that can meet any patient’s need. For more information, please contact Joe Hager at 1-405-355-8111 or visit

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