Mobile trailer to sell CBD edibles in Pittsburgh region

Mobile trailer to sell CBD edibles in Pittsburgh region

A new mobile trailer is hoping to bring CBD edibles — cookies, brownies, and pastries infused with non-THC products — to shoppers all over Pittsburgh later this summer.

Moodedibles is a company that produces small-batch edibles infused with CBD, Delta 8 and other minor cannabinoids. All edibles contain below the legal limit of THC, the component of the marijuana plant that makes people feel high, and are legal for sale outside of dispensaries.

Owner Holly Teegarden said her edibles aren’t about getting people high, but are to help elevate people’s mood. Some treats are infused with CBD and turmeric to provide anti-inflammatory assistance, and others include lavender, rosemary and a minor cannabinoid called CBN that can act as a sleep aid.

“Someone can take a bite of that edible and have the best sleep of their life,” said Teegarden. “They can get the same kind of aid that you might get from popping a couple of pills.”

Moodedibles freshly bakes muffins, brownies and other edibles at a kitchen in Sewickley. Teegarden said the plan is to sell those infused treats at a roaming trailer all over the Pittsburgh region. She said she hopes to have the trailer out and about sometime in June, starting with stops at Station Square.

She said the benefit of consuming edibles come from terpenes, which can alter people’s mood. Terpenes are naturally occurring chemical compounds found in plants. Teegarden said hemp plants and cannabis plants have terpenes, and even plants like lavender provide terpenes, and all offer different mood-altering effects.

“Terpenes are like the special sauce of edibles,” said Teegarden.

Teegarden also owns the CBD shop Moodporium in Sewickley. She said all Moodedibles products undergo third-party testing to ensure they are composed of the products they advertise.

Medical marijuana edibles are still illegal to commercially produce and sell in Pennsylvania, but non-THC edibles are allowed. Teegarden said the edible trend is really hitting the market currently, and she wants Moodedibles to be a part of delivering those products to Pittsburghers.

She expects Moodedibles to eventually visit festivals and other food truck round-ups across Allegheny County. She said the trailer will be at the Pittsburgh Cannabis Festival in August.

“My goal is to go to every single area in Pittsburgh, just so that people can taste our edibles,” said Teegarden. “There is more to this industry than just getting high, and these products have properties for medicinal purposes.”

Ryan Deto is a Tribune-Review staff writer. You can contact Ryan by email at or via Twitter .

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