Malaika Arora celebrates Women’s Day 2022 with inspiring fitness video, talks about self-doubt in women: Watch

Malaika Arora celebrates Women’s Day 2022 with inspiring fitness video, talks about self-doubt in women: Watch

Women’s Day 2022: As women living in a male-dominated society, we are often made to self-doubt our accomplishments and question whether we are enough. On International Women’s Day, fitness queen Malaika Arora took to Instagram to share a video talking about this feeling of self-doubt that women harbour inside them. The clip shows Malaika exercising at the gym and acing every routine like a total pro. It will inspire you to believe in your journey and work hard to make yourself feel better.

A day before Women’s Day 2022, Malaika, who is dating Arjun Kapoor, posted a video that showed the 46-year-old doing several exercises. She did core-strengthening and full-body workouts, including tricep building exercises, mobility routines, stretching, treadmill walk and more in the clip. She titled it ‘Happy Women’s Day’. The video also motivated women to believe that they are ‘enough’.

“We are WOMEN, we are ENOUGH. We all struggle with this question, “Am I enough?”, today, let it be the day when you whisper back “Yes” and let that become a resounding commitment to the woman in you, the woman who raised you and the women you will raise as daughters, students, nieces and friends. Power only comes from within. If you got it, own it! Happy women’s day,” Malaika captioned the post.

Watch the video here:

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Core Strengthening Workout Benefit:

Core exercises train muscles in the pelvis, lower back, hips and abdomen to work in unity. It leads to better balance and stability in day-to-day activities. A strong core allows our body to function properly.

Full-Body Workout Benefit:

Full-body exercises help burn more calories, build more muscle, increase strength, maximize efficiency, and have greater flexibility in different body parts.

Meanwhile, International Women’s Day is marked on March 8 every year. It celebrates women and their innumerable achievements. This year, the United Nations theme for Women’s Day is ‘Gender equality today for a sustainable tomorrow’.

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