Learning martial arts is often used as an alternative form of fitness, according to Tiger Schulmann’s Martial Arts Schools

Learning martial arts is often used as an alternative form of fitness, according to Tiger Schulmann’s Martial Arts Schools

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When it comes to staying in good physical shape, many people turn to running or weight lifting. While these are excellent ways to burn calories and build muscle, the monotony of their routine too often fails to keep would-be gym goers sticking around for the long haul. In this article, instructors from Tiger Schulmann’s Martial Arts Schools discuss how martial arts can be a fun and exciting way to stay in shape, giving you a more enjoyable reason to train.

Martial arts is more than just exercise

If you think martial arts are all about fighting, and nothing more, you may want to take a closer look. Sure, sometimes there’s sparring involved — if you want to participate — but the lion’s share of conflict that happens in martial arts is the internal battle you have with yourself as you learn to overcome your fears.

When you engage in martial arts, you learn about yourself. Like traditional exercise, you’re burning calories and building muscle, but it doesn’t stop there. You learn how to defend yourself, while at the same time, you develop self-discipline and learn how to achieve results by focusing your mind.

Many new students, young and not so young, approach martial arts to lose weight or become more physically fit. They learn that being in better shape is only an ancillary benefit of martial arts as they practice this art form. The real benefits are feeling better about themselves and becoming more capable in all areas of their life.

What you learn in martial arts will keep you coming back

Everything we do in martial arts is about achievements. As you develop your skills, you achieve your physical fitness goals, feel better mentally, become more independent, and increase your confidence. Achieving your goals keeps you excited about your journey, and there’s no room for monotony to creep in. You will stay motivated to continue your progress.

If you’ve ever bought a gym membership and gone a few times but then found that the stresses of life got in the way of your attendance, think about trying martial arts. What you learn in martial arts equips you to better deal with the stresses of life and work. This new confidence, self-discipline, and ability to focus will enable you to perform better on the job and deal with life’s challenges.

Most martial arts students are eager to return for their next session. They come away knowing they have learned valuable mental and social skills while increasing their physical abilities. Adults and children benefit from learning martial arts.

If your child is struggling in school, enroll them in a martial arts class. If they deal with bullies or other social pressures at school, martial arts will help them confidently and appropriately address these issues. Setting goals and focusing on achieving what they learn on the mat translates to better grades and an increased love of learning in all areas.

About Tiger Schulmann’s Martial Arts

Established in 1984 by Daniel “Tiger” Schulmann, Tiger Schulmann’s Martial Arts is the largest martial arts school in the US. With more than 45 locations in the United States, TSMA has helped thousands of men, women, and children reach their full potential while meeting a variety of personal goals. With skill levels ranging from complete beginner to professional competitors, Tiger Schulmann’s Martial Arts teaches effective self-defense techniques through a combination of karate, kickboxing, and submission grappling (Jiu-Jitsu). But TSMA teaches more than self-defense. Every one of Tiger Schulmann’s Martial Arts Schools strives to provide an alternative form of physical fitness while instilling life lessons and personal development.

Story by Jessica Brown

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