Laugh Your Fat Off – A Fitness and Comedy Event

Laugh Your Fat Off – A Fitness and Comedy Event

FITNESS & COMEDY – A fun 30 min workout/meditation, then more fun with the BEST comedians and beverages in San Diego! Come for part or all! Why fitness and comedy you ask? What is the connection?

One word: Endorphins! Endorphins provide pain relief, reduce inflammation, and promote happiness. You can release endorphins by exercising, meditating, and laughing and we’ll have all three at our LAUGH YOUR FAT OFF – comedy and fitness event.

Date | Saturday, March 26, 2022 at 12pm

Location | Jacked Up Brewery

Cost | $10 via website or $15 at Door

We have a fun energetic work out with our exclusive “fit me” meditation cool down that is accessible to ALL fitness levels, from low mobility individuals to work out veterans. It will have you smiling and laughing even BEFORE you get to relax and continue the ab workout with the hottest, funniest comedian line up in San Diego!

Come support small business, black owned business, and local comedy and get a great endorphin release!

For more information on this event and ticket purchases please visit HERE!

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