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Joyce Azria Joins CBD Company Swiss 1876

Joyce Azria Joins CBD Company Swiss 1876


Swiss 1876 has tapped Joyce Azria as president.

“It’s only when I began to use the products that I took a real interest,” said Azria of her new role.

The CBD wellness and beauty company, based in the Swiss Alps, operates and formulates products in its own in-house laboratory — where organic hemp plants are grown to extract CBD crystals.

“Our lab in Switzerland is really committed to the most pure CBD,” she continued.

Focused on CBD-infused skin care, the line includes an eye cream — its hero product — face serum, balm and hand cream, as well as a supplement oil. Available direct-to-consumer and through professional channels, goods are priced between $68 and $150.

“When I met this project and I met the CEO of our project, Joshua Meerapfel, I really felt like there was a global mission here, and I really search for things that have a global mind-set,” said Azria, daughter of the late fashion designer Max Azria.

Azria — currently based in Florida — distinguishing the U.S. as a key market: “We’re looking to be involved in people’s lives on a global level. And I think that when you talk about the European market, it’s miniscule. The American consumer is open, they’re willing to try. It’s a bigger market just in dollars. In terms of the sector, it’s much larger market.”

They distribute through spas and naturopaths: “We just feel that education is the best there.”

Swiss 1876

A look at Swiss 1876’s line of CBD-infused products.
Courtesy of Swiss 1876

Azria’s career began at the BCBG Max Azria Group, where she held the title of creative director of swim and intimates at BCBG, before being appointed creative director of BCBGeneration and overseeing apparel lines in Europe. About six years ago, she unveiled fashion brands of her own, Avec Les Filles and Rohb, sold at Amazon. Swiss 1876 marks her first foray into wellness and beauty.

“I would say that this evolution from BCBG, my world of fashion, to CBD has really been about, where can we serve humanity?” said the executive, noting the supplement oil has been shown to offer pain relief, as well as help with anxiety and sleep.

“Our commitment is to safety, to purity and really understanding this active material and how it is helpful to eczema, to psoriasis, how it helps support somebody and may create confidence and giving the best quality we can at a price that people can give themselves the gift of experimenting with on their journey to healing,” continued.

“With COVID-19, there’s a global awareness about how emotional, psychological, physical health plays into the world on a different level,” Azria added. “With the arrival of a pandemic, I think people realized their life became a lot more fragile. And I feel that there was a global awakening in health and self-love.”


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