Joburg CBD power update: City Power still ‘on track’ to restore electricity

Joburg CBD power update: City Power still ‘on track’ to restore electricity

Parts of the Johannesburg CBD have now been without power for days. A fire in an underground tunnel in the city caused severe damage this week. As a result, City Power has been working to restore power and complete extensive repair work. It certainly hasn’t been an easy process.

City power repairs “progressing well”

Despite the fire happening over 5 days ago, heat could still be felt coming from manholes in the city on Sunday afternoon.

The latest update from City Power reveals that the repairs are “progressing well” and as planned. Three sites are still currently being repaired.

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The underground tunnel where the cables have been laid is now seeing those cables connected. Additional standby cable is also being set up to offer more alternatives if and when there are future outages.

Additional work is being done at Selby and Central substation.

“The Selby Substation which will be fed by the tunnel cables and feeds most of the outstanding areas that are still off, including Wemmer, Village Deep, Westgate, and Selby. All connections with respect to feeders and the new tranformer are done. Final connections and system testing have also been done. Currently busy there with relay tests.”

City Power Spokesperson Isaac Mangena

When will power be restored?

Mangena insists that despite rain delays over the weekend, all power is still set to be restored by midnight on Sunday evening.


Like so many things in our country, cable thieves are now also a lot more dangerous these days. This week, two security guards were killed while patrolling cable theft hotspots on the streets of Johannesburg. City Power is now ringing the alarm bells, with attacks like these becoming a regular occurrence. Many areas in the Johannesburg CBD in particular, have been left gutted by cable theft.

Two armed security guards were carrying out their patrols on Thursday evening, when they were attacked by armed men. They were shot and killed at point-blank range.

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