Jibby’s oat milk latte review

Jibby’s oat milk latte review

Long ago in the halcyon days of July 2021 I reviewed Jibby’s CBD-infused coffee, which back then came in a box or a collection of cans. Despite my skepticism (or simple immunity) to CBD, I enjoyed the product and its effects on me.

Now, Jibby comes in two new flavors: An oat milk latte and an oat milk matcha latte. What’d I think? I’ll tell you in a second, but first, here’s how you buy this stuff:

Jibby’s oat milk latte


How does the Jibby’s oat milk latte taste?

Though I primarily identify as a cow milk drinker, I have been known to enjoy the milk of the grain (or even milk of the nut) on occasion. Since I’m hopelessly addicted to my morning cup of hot coffee, I decided to schedule this canned latte as an afternoon pick-me-up.

I’ll tell you: This drink is definitely oaty. No one would mistake this for a latte made with traditional milk, or even some of the more common substitutes like almond or soy. But I imagine this was a conscious decision: the creaminess of the oat milk compliments the sharp flavor of Jibby’s coffee excellently, and though it isn’t a flavor that I would personally seek out, I recognize that they’ve achieved something really unique and clever here. 

The caffeine hit hard, too, snapping me out of my daydreams and priming me for some rapid-fire afternoon editing and SEO-optimization. Did I update that freelance calendar? You bet your sweet booty I did. I especially appreciated that they kept the sugar content low (just 7g), since I’ve long held that overly sweetened coffee is good only for cowards and ukulele players.

Jibby’s oat milk matcha latte

Jibby’s oat milk matcha latte


How does Jibby’s oat milk matcha latte taste?

Though I am not much of a tea drinker in my day to day life, I ironically preferred this flavor over the coffee latte alternative. This is a much more mild, afternoon-sipping experience, with the tea and oat milk flavors complimenting each other nicely while still not being strong enough to linger on your pallet for hours afterwards. I can see myself sipping these all day, and with the similarly low sugar count (10g, just slightly higher than the coffee latte) I wouldn’t even be getting myself in trouble with my physician.

Plus, the jolt of caffeine was every bit as effective. In fact, it helped me write this article right now! And I’m typing these words with fingers as steady as the hot dog prices at Costco.

CBD: How about it

Look, I’m still not sure about this CBD business. If it affected me in any way, it was not enough for me to notice — but lots of folks say otherwise, so who knows, maybe I’m just immune.

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