ICE Head Shop Launch Initiative to Educate the Public on CBD Products, Their Uses and Their Legalities

ICE Head Shop Launch Initiative to Educate the Public on CBD Products, Their Uses and Their Legalities

ICE Head Shop

Exeter, March 29, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Over the past 10 years, ICE Head Shop have built up a cult status in the UK and beyond. Spearheading the direction of the CBD industry, their team has dedicated a vast amount of time and effort in stocking the best CBD vape oil, gummies, juices and more, whilst educating the public on the legalities, guidance and advice around CBD use.

In this short space of time, the term ‘CBD’ has worked its way into mainstream culture. Once unknowingly considered a taboo subject, retail industries are now actively backing and supporting the use of CBD products and contributing to their dramatic rise in popularity.

Today, ICE Head Shop have launched an initiative to further enhance their position as a trusted supplier of CBD products in the UK. They aim to educate newcomers and experienced CBD-users through a host of online resources, materials and learnings, all focused on CBD products, their uses, benefits, legalities, and common misconceptions.

Below, we detail the new initiative from ICE Head Shop, and explore the products that have made them one of the most popular CBD suppliers in the UK:

Breaking down information barriers to provide clear CBD advice and guidance:

ICE Head Shop are regarded as a trusted CBD product supplier in the UK because of their dedication and passion to the industry. Over the years, they’ve actively contributed to research, product testing and changes in legislation, while stocking the most effective CBD oil from the UK, the highest quality CBD gummies and tinctures and the most popular e-liquid on the market.

As part of this new initiative, ICE Head Shop have further enhanced the detail across all of their online product pages, to include clear, transparent information on what each product is and it’s typical use. They have also committed to building on their status as an industry leader, by taking part in further research and testing, ensuring their stock passes vigorous quality-checks and is approved for sale.

Across their website, social media channels, and through industry events, ICE Head Shop are striving to educate the public on all aspects of CBD, to ensure buyers have the information they need to make informed purchase decisions.

As the market becomes crowded with CBD products, it’s important that buyers have a trusted source to educate and inform before buying:

The rise in popularity of CBD products has been monumental. As a supplier of historical significance, ICE Head Shop have witnessed the markets upwards trajectory, and with it, the rapid emergence of new brands, manufacturers and product types.

Now, public awareness of CBD is at an all time high. Online and in-stores, the public can buy CBD gummy bears, oils, e-liquids, vape additives, isolates, extracts, edibles and more. Increasing customer demand means the industry is experiencing global growth, but just like all industries, not every product or manufacturer ensures the same quality.

ICE Head Shop’s initiative means they act as a quality-checker on behalf of those interested in purchasing CBD products. As a team who live and breathe the industry, with over a decade of intense experience, they have become a trusted source who not only stock the best products on the market but who actively educate and inform in the process.

Expanding into product areas that are of most interested to their customers:

ICE Head Shop are committed to being a regulator across the CBD industry and its sister industries. For many years, they’ve explored the interests of their customers, and they have built similar cult-status for supplying cannabis seeds, including the best autoflowering and best feminized seeds.

To learn more about their cult-status and explore this growing area of their business, customers can head online and visit the ICE HeadShop Cannabis SEEDS web pages.

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ICE Headshop is the leading CBD store in the UK and a smartshop for all of your high-quality ranges and accessories. Our team have been online for over 10 years and have all the experience, knowledge and expertise you need. Trusted, reliable, and constantly updating our stock to bring you the best premium products, we’re truly passionate about CBD, e-liquids cannabis seeds and more:


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