Get Moving With CBD: Using Cannabidiol For Extra Mobility – LA Weekly

Get Moving With CBD: Using Cannabidiol For Extra Mobility – LA Weekly

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For many people, “growing older” means “going slower.” While there’s nothing wrong with living at a slower tempo, that doesn’t mean seniors should come to a stand-still. In fact, recent research suggests seniors who are more active enjoy many benefits, including a happier mood, a healthier heart, and better balance.

However, if seniors struggle with conditions like arthritis, they may not feel as inclined to walk, bike, or swim. The CDC now claims at least one-third of arthritis patients don’t get sufficient exercise.

While staying active with a chronic pain condition may be challenging, CBD may give seniors an “extra boost.” Indeed, after seniors feel the benefits of Blue Ribbon Hemp’s CBD oil, it’s hard to keep them off the tennis court!

CBD For Mobility — How This Cannabinoid Could Give Seniors Extra Groove! 

OK, CBD won’t literally make seniors “get up and go,” but it could make getting into an exercise routine less of a hassle.

The reason CBD works so well for mobility has to do with its anti-inflammatory properties. Most chronic pain conditions like arthritis are related to excessive inflammation. Since CBD could naturally dampen inflammation, it helps relieve symptoms like joint soreness, back pain, and muscle tension.

As we reported in our post on CBD’s “superpowers” for seniors, Cornell University recently examined CBD oil’s effectiveness on osteoarthritis. According to this study’s results, dogs who took CBD oil had more energy and flexibility than those in the placebo group. These findings strongly suggest CBD’s anti-inflammatory effects played a role in each dog’s activity levels.

But you don’t have to take CBD internally to feel its remarkable properties. Indeed, many seniors first get into CBD via topicals like Blue Ribbon Hemp’s Broad-Spectrum Lotion. It appears CBD has potent anti-inflammatory effects when applied to a person’s skin.

While this may sound crazy, dermatologists agree that there are countless cannabinoid receptors on the skin’s outer layer. So, once CBD lands on your skin cells, these receptors can absorb all of the soothing properties of this cannabinoid.

The advantage of using CBD lotions is that customers could experience targeted relief in a matter of minutes. For instance, if your right knee is keeping you from going out for a jog, a few dabs of CBD lotion could soothe the pain away in seconds.

Although CBD oils are fantastic for reducing total inflammation, they might not be an excellent fit for every senior’s treatment regimen. CBD may be a viable natural alternative to NSAIDs, but it can have adverse reactions with other medications. Therefore, if you’re already taking prescription meds for various conditions, you have to be careful about adding CBD to your diet.

Patients curious about using CBD for soreness should first speak with a qualified doctor for guidance. Your physician should know whether it’d be better to start with CBD topicals or high-quality CBD oils.

Don’t Forget About Sleep! — CBD May Enhance Overnight Muscle Recovery

If seniors aren’t getting restorative sleep, getting pumped for even a mild workout is pretty difficult. Thankfully, it appears CBD could play a significant role in sleep health.

CBD oil seems to induce a mild sense of sedation, which should help seniors achieve deep sleep every night. Not only that, when you take CBD oil before bed, its anti-inflammatory properties may assist with muscle recovery.

Fun fact: Many pro athletes already use CBD oil before bed to speed up muscle recovery.

If seniors don’t have a healthy sleep routine, consider trying Blue Ribbon Hemp’s Max Strength CBD oil before bed. This natural sleep aid may be all seniors need to feel ready for action during the day.

Please Don’t Quit Being Fit! — Use CBD Oil To Your Advantage 

Whether you opt for our CBD lotion or CBD oil, we guarantee you’ll feel ready for a brisk walk after just a few minutes. And don’t worry about feeling “high;” we didn’t sneak any THC into our hemp-derived formula. We never sell CBD oils that have traces of THC.

The only “high” you’re going to feel after using Blue Ribbon Hemp’s CBD is a “runner’s high!” Trust us; you’ll be amazed at how CBD’s anti-inflammatory effects can make exercise so easy!

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